1. J

    Vario roof head ache

    Hi guys, I am new to this website and was hoping someone could help me with a roof issue. My roof wont fully close on the right side (pics attached). This is the same when the car is in the down and covered position. Not sure what is going on. Perhaps it is a sensor that doesnt activate...
  2. chriswt

    W203 C320cdi giving me back ache

    Had my 2007 W203 320cdi Sport since December and I'm not particularly overwhelmed. Performance and ride are great ut thats about it. The biggest problem is back ache after driving the car, more specifically the aggravation of my sciatica. 1. The floor mounted accelerator pedal is very...
  3. Londonscottish

    Blackberry Ball Ache

    My boss has finally persuaded me to get a Blackberry so I'll have email access more easily if travelling. Fair enough. But I've had Nokias since 1993 and I am finding that setting the Blackberry up to be a massive ballache. I can't set the phone up to do the simplest things - like alter...
  4. H

    W210 Avantgarde Seat Ache !

    It may just be my shape , but I am finding that the front seats in my W210 Avantgarde are causing my ribcage to ache. The seat back side supports seem just too narrow for my back. They seemed OK when I bought the car but as I've used it more, I'm finding the seats uncomfortable. A few weeks...
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