1. SportsCoupeRich

    Bca auction prices achieved.

    Does anyone know if there is a published list of bca auction realisations? I Am interested to see what my c63 got sold for after they had taken it back. I can't see anything obvious on the site itself, but then had never explored the auction world.
  2. LTD

    Has Comic Relief achieved anything ?

    £800 million over 25 years. Has anything changed for the better or is it just a media opportunity ...... ?
  3. R

    Invisibility achieved!

    After the 8th coat of wax and a second coat of C2 Invisibility has been achieved :) I love the 3rd photo:bannana:
  4. Chris Akabusi

    I achieved what i thought was the impossible...

    Well on my drive into work this morning, i did something that i never thought was possible.... not only did i managed to meet the manufactures fuel consumption figures, i managed to exceed it. My route in is combined between slow, city traffic, free moving winding country lanes and a short...
  5. dowtherz

    Achieved my personal best mpg today

    And it's now becoming an unhealthy obsession! Big fan of the 220cdi Blue Efficiency. Any other PB's? Note: From cold, this was a mixture of B roads (5 miles) then 31 miles up the A3 through the Hindhead roadworks so not a constant "cruise".
  6. Howard

    I achieved something today.....

    Ok, don't laugh......drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrumrolll........ Today i did my first unassisted oil, plugs and filters change !!! :bannana: Managed to round off the oil drain bolt though..... :( anyone got a spare knocking around ? Seems simple ? , don't forget this is a man who filled up a vw...
  7. craigyb

    Blue lighting finally achieved

    Well I finally managed to get some proper blue lighting for my CLK. I changed the interior bulbs for 3" cold cathode lamps, 2 per bulb because of the intensity. These things are 12v so easily wire across the standard bulb holders. For the map reading light, I used a trio of high intensity...
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