1. W4E300

    Acoustic properties of car horns....?

    I'm out in Berlin at the Acoustical Engineering Society conference and one of the 'discussion topics' seems rather minority interest..... I'd have thought 'loud' would have done it......!
  2. grober

    Android Acoustic RPM App

    Any one used one of these free/ cheap acoustic based apps for Android phones to measure rpms. Any good? Might be a handy fault finding tool if they were any good?
  3. developer

    Acoustic Drum Kits

    Recently you guys helped me in my search for a quality guitar for my son, pointing me towards a Taylor, which has been fabulous. Can I have the same pointers with regard to an acoustic drum kit please? I know of a few makes but that's all. There's obviously some massive quality and price...
  4. rf065

    Ovation Electro Acoustic Guitar

    Ovation 1998 Collectors Series with case. £1200 ono, big discount for forum members. Brand new condition, identical to the one shown here. OVATION COLLECTOR'S SERIES (1998) (20U-12267) - Elderly Instruments Russ
  5. J

    Turn off acoustic signal when locking or unlocking car

    Hi, Anyone knows how to turn of the signal (three beeps) that goes with the locking of the car (or the unlocking (one beep))? Thanks, Jurmic
  6. T

    Acoustic Energy floorstanding speakers

    Selling a pair of Acoustic Energy floorstanding HiFi speakers. Ebay ad here: Acoustic Energy AE109 floorstanding speakers | eBay
  7. Druk

    Which acoustic guitar?

    Thinking of a new semi-acoustic six string. Prefer a wider than standard fingerboard (if there is such a thing). Maybe a Takamine or Epiphone. Don't really know.:confused: Budget iro £1000. Not in any great rush: just thinking out loud. Any advice from forummers please? Mark Knopfler are...
  8. uumode

    Acoustic shield underneath car

    Who's heard of an acoustic shield that lines the entire (or most of) the underside of the car? Bodyshop reckon that the rust on my floorpan is 'actually' on my acoustic shield and formed by moisture and actually just wipes off, so just needs a valet underneath the car.
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