1. John_Doe

    Any idea what these acronym's are?

    Really random I know but I recently had a diagnostic on my car and they gave me a print out of all the codes that came up. Most are stored with a few current but there's a few I don't really understand lol Fault in CAN communication with control unit... EZS REAR SAM (is that the rear fuse...
  2. S

    SLK acronym

    I am lead to believe the the SLK acronym is meant to mean, Sportlich (Sportive) Leicht (Light) Kurz (Short). Anyone else any suggestions, amusing or otherwise ?
  3. M

    What do all those acronym's mean ???

  4. High-Lo

    Acronym Finder

    Try this link for those who don't know your IMHO from your IIRC, etc.
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