1. Piff

    Acrylic satin finish

    I generally prefer to use oil based paints for decorating internal woodwork and have already decorated bare skirtings, etc with an oil based primer. What is the panels thoughts on subsequent coats? I would usually then apply 1 coat oil based undercoat followed by 1 coat oil based satinwood...
  2. D

    How to fix a 8ft Acrylic Mirror?

    Hey all, Im trying to fix a 8ft x 4ft 3mm acrylic mirror across a flat wall (half brick half plasterboard) but having huge problems.. First the plasterer who plastered the garage tried silicone, it came off about 2 days later. I then tried No More Nails, which lasted about 4-5 days...
  3. Baron_Samedi

    Scratches on Acrylic Headlights

    Hi All, What's the best method to buff up yer lamps?
  4. Goldfish11

    Sonus Acrylic Glanz - this stuff is amazing

    I recently imported some "Sonus Acrylic Glanz" and it has caused a riot on our street. As many of you know I like to try new products and few impress me but this one really has. What I do is wash the car, then spend 5 minutes putting this stuff on with a microfibre cloth. The results are...
  5. H

    Clip-on bonnet paintsaver(clear or tinted acrylic)

    I am still looking for these for my 1994 and 1997 C180 cars and cannot find them anywhere in the world. Maybe I looked in the wrong places? I would appreciate it if anyone has seen one and can point me to the shop, factory or even country where these are made or sold. They are very common for...
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