1. Smeesh

    Sales of Goods Act

    Just a quick one. Under the Sales of Goods Act I'm sure your legally meant to have a minimum of a 6 months Warranty on purchasing a second hand vehicle ... Am I correct ? Smeesh.....
  2. brucemillar

    When they will act on your complaint.

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  3. D

    An Act of Madness

    Nope, there's been no Crime 'Ere Ukraine crisis: Kiev bans Russian airlines' flights Following Ukraine's decision to ban Russian airlines from its airports, Russia responded by claiming that it was is an act of madness. Pot calling the kettle black I thought, but perhaps they have a point...
  4. B

    Consumer Rights Act 2015- your rights to reject a car

    New Consumer Rights Act gives car buyers ?right to reject? | Motoring News | Honest John Consumer Rights Act 2015 The Consumer Rights Act 2015 covers all goods but is of particular interest to car buyers, given the significant cost of purchasing a car and the subsequent impact if things go...
  5. T

    Vito w638 strange smoking but doesn't act like a headgasket

    I have a weird one for you guys My vitos interior heater randomly went cold ??? Stuck my foot down and it went hot again and thought no more about it .later the water level light came on so chucked a little in her and all was fine . Until today it started smoking white smoke on tickover...
  6. RobertoMercini

    Rights under 1975 consumer credit act

    I've got to be honest and say I've learnt a lot more on perusing these forums about general useful stuff than cars however I've a little story to tell in case it rings any bells to anyone. A few weeks ago I took the wife to buy a 2nd hand car as hers was on the way out and she needs it for uni...
  7. developer

    My Boy's The Main Act.........

    My super son Greg (well I would say that wouldn't I) gets to play the main set at our local open mic night this Wednesday 11th - it's his first time doing the main set. This is my lad who has been the subject of the most vile verbal bullying, which, at present, isn't resolved - a separate...
  8. Mike Walker

    An act of kindness

    I posted in a Pink Floyd thread a couple of days ago and mentioned that I had lost my CD of Dave Gilmour's "On an Island" somehow. :o 2 forum members kindly offered me a replacement copy free of charge and last night, following an exchange of emails, there was a knock on the door...
  9. Apial

    Filmed in the act.

    What do you make of this? rideout from willingham on green gixer - YouTube
  10. AbbieCadabra

    would the police act upon a report of bad driving?

    i know this is a bit of an obscure question, humour me if at all possible please. :) if the police received a report of bad driving, but not dangerous/life threatening nor high speed, would they act on it? no CCTV in the area where it occurred but possibly more than 1 witness to the event. it...
  11. R

    A Random Act of Kindness!!

    A few minutes ago our postie arrived with a large envelope for me. I opened it and found a wonderful book about Spitfires which I hadn't ordered. MBclub member Mike Walker had seen the book and knew I'd like it so he sent it to me as a present. I'm very pleased with the book and very touched at...
  12. W

    Bride is read the riot act

    Quite an ammusing article. BBC - Newsbeat - Mum-in-law's critical email about bride goes viral I must confess I warm more to the mother-in-law than the bride. I wish I was a fly on the wall in their house right now......
  13. markjay

    The Bribery Act becomes law on 1 July Discuss... :)
  14. R

    Random act of kindness.

    Imagine, as a random act of kindness, someone allows you to have your dream car for 24 hours. What would it be? How would you plan the day? Where would you go, who would you show it to etc...? I thought of this following yesterdays thread about your ultimate car.
  15. Palfrem

    Act on C02 campaign

    Does anyone share my annoyance that in times of Government cuts, increased taxation, etc. we are subjected to a seemingly constant barrage of TV adverts and full pages in the press urging us to drive 5 miles less? I counted about 4 adverts with the long slow zoom out to a car exhaust and a...
  16. Tan


    Hi I have a client that is looking for an ACT consultant to help them customise their ACT system. The client is in the financial sector and is based in central London. If anyone can help me please get in touch. Many thanks Tan
  17. WLeg

    Anyone know anything about Sage Act 2007/8 ?

    A friend (honest) has had this installed on his system, but apparently Act needs to run on the server (SBS 2003) as a logged in user, with full admin rights. Is this correct ?
  18. M

    Caught in the act!

    This guy must be an offshoot species to the usual Darwinians as it didn't kill him but was pretty stupid nonetheless. Mac.
  19. mobeyone

    advice needed - trade description act

    My nieghbour called in and spoke about his shock when he went in to pick his car up from a dealer today... and no its not an mb! He owns a lexus is2000 sport reg 53/04 which had 9k on the clock, 1 owner since new and mint. Paid close to £18k for it and had trouble free motoring, has a giggle...
  20. Spinal

    Penalty Charge Notice Road Traffic Act 1991 (as ammended)

    I'm guessing from the title, you guessed what this thread is about. What you probably don't expect is that it has NOTHING to do with my car... Actually, nothing to do with ANY car! Let me start at the beginning... once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a parking attendent with a...
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