1. Niks

    Fuel gauge acting up

    The fuel gauge in the estate has just recently started playing up. When the car is level, it shows the right reading (I presume) which right now it is between half tank and quarter tank. When I brake, it jumps to the half tank mark and stays there. When I accelerate, it moves backwards towards...
  2. C

    COMAND NTG2 acting up

    Forgive me, I'm pretty new to Mercedes and only bought the car recently. Yesterday on my way home my Map screen stopped updating my location, I thought this odd, but when I got home I ejected the disk. When I bought the car it had a couple of discs in the glove box and the guy said if I had any...
  3. N

    '98 C250 DT tranny acting up.

    The transmission in my recent purchase, a 1998 W202 C250 Diesel Turbo automatic, is starting to act up. Very occasionally it feels like it's trying to pull away from a stop in much too high a gear. Also, v. occasionally after brisk acceleration it will hang onto a lower gear far too long & be...
  4. E

    Gearbox acting odd

    Hi, I've just had a call from my wife who is in the W203 C270CDI (02 plate), she rung to say that she put it into drive and when she pressed the accelerator there was no increase in revs like you'd expect to pull away. She then put it back into park or neutral and back into drive. The revs then...
  5. R

    w210 gearbox acting funny..., travelling at a steady 70 on the motorway in top gear, the 'box decides to change down to 4th. A tap to the right does not change up to top. qait a bit, try a couple of time =s and eventually it changes into top. This happened a half dozen times on 30 mile stretch. It happened when...
  6. B

    C180 Alarm acting up.

    '03 C180 alarm has started acting up. Driving from work this evening the alarm siren was going off intermittently. No problem driving. Parked it later on this evening and when I returned to it the hazzard lights were flashing. Just happened again, neighbour called to the door to say the...
  7. BenzedUP

    Car is acting weird sometimes.. HELP

    I have a slight problem on my C55, I'm not sure how to explain it. Sometimes the car does not start properly, I turn the key to start the car and the rev goes to 3-4k and it just clicks, nothing happens, turn the key back to position 1 and then try again and it seems to start fine.. When I...
  8. Sonny Burnett

    pc acting wierd need a bit of help

    Hi I Cant loginto my Steam/Zune/Windows Live Email but internet is fine everything works untill i have to log into something for instance i can turn steam on but cant see the store and same for MSN messenger. i ahte these wierd problems. can anyone help me thanks
  9. jonnyboy

    keyboard acting weird?

    Hi all You may already know of my PCW business support disasters from another thread. Separate to that my laptop came back from repair and had been reformatted by me in error, so I reinstalled everything, did all the updates etc etc. In my wifes profile, but not in mine or the kids', we have...
  10. T

    Passenger window acting up

    My passenger window is playing up - when I tell it to go up, it tends to (about half the time) stop at some point on its way to the top and return to where it started. Any ideas? It's a W208 CLK.
  11. Ade B

    Outlook Express acting up

    Our OE is firing out emails with attachments but is not shifting them from the outbox to sent items. We have consequently been emailing everyone multiple copies of emails + attachments. Is this a simple case of archiving a bunch emails or ticking a box, or is something more sinister afoot...
  12. japimport

    car is acting weird

    hi there i have a c200 sport 95 i have aproblem, the problem is when idrive the car and come to a stop the cars rev counter stays at 2000 revs for about 10 seconds then drops to normal and the cars idling is shaky thanks thomas
  13. mickl

    Blower acting up

    Funny things been happening with the blower on the heater the past couple of days. Intermittenly when the blower has been set at speeds 1-4, it sometimes stops working unless I turn it off then back on or crank it up to 5 then back down again. I found this thread...
  14. P

    W203 Auto wipers and Auto lights acting wierd !

    Okay, here's the story, on my recently acquired c270 the auto wipers switched to normal intermitent and with the headlight swith on auto the headlights stayed on all the time, except when the wipers wiped on intermitent, this looked like I was flashing. :confused: When I removed the cover...
  15. B

    This is a MUST for anyone with a W202 if their transmission is acting up!

    Recently I put a new MAS sensor in my W202. I must have trained the transmission initially wrong by driving it harshly in high rpms. That will screw up the shifting in the long run as the transmission is training itself with the new MAS. So, as per a mechanic this solved my harsh shifts...
  16. jasohal

    Cruise Control acting strange ...

    Hi, I have a strange problem with the cruise control on my s320 '00 model. I can set the cruise control at any speed up to 60 mph without a problem and it will hold the speed as normal operation. However if I try and set the cruise control at any speed higher than 60 - the light...
  17. Madferrit

    W210 acting strange!

    I've got a '99 E220 CDI.. only took delivery of the car 2 weeks ago. So far everything is great.. filled up for the second time yesterday.. first full tank gave me over 700 miles, which is great compared to my G300... but, this morning, i start the car and the following happens. 1 - The...
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