1. whitenemesis

    Darwinian Selection in Action?

  2. MancMike

    Jack and stand in one action

    These are cool. We've all experience the problem where you put your trolley jack on the jacking point, lift the corner, then what? Where to put the axle stand? There's no other jacking point nearby. These stands go over your trolley jack, and you lift the car, then slot the pins in place...
  3. Toobad

    DAS6 PRO PLUS Dual Action Polisher £100 delivered

    This looks like a stonking price for a decent DA. OK, it includes the Black Friday discount code BF15 but it was still working this morning so perhaps it will be valid until the end of the weekend. IMHO this is the ideal DA to use on those extra-hard German clearcoats. The more powerful 880W...
  4. markjay

    Disciplinary Action - Employment Matters

    It is very rare that we are involved in Disciplinary Action against an employee, and the current matter is only the second time I have ever had to be involved in such case in several decades.... This relates to a company of which I am a Director, however I have no role in the day-to-day running...
  5. MWCLS

    Advanced Dual Action Machine Polisher 6 speed settings 2500opm- 6800opm

    Purchased from Clean your car around 18 months ago. Used twice. Machine with 6 metre cable 6" and 5" backing plates comes with carrying case. £70.00 maybe collection from IG Essex area or post at buyers cost. Link to machine on CYC Web this is the same machine...
  6. EDDIE12

    CYC Dual action machine polisher

    Hi, am selling my Clean your car Das pro Dual Action machine polisher. I've used the machine twice and is in perfect condition. This is one off the best and most powerful DA polishers available and is perfect for anyone wanting too get involved with detailing there own car. The DA will also come...
  7. ringway

    Police Camera Action, Rogue Traders, 24 Hours in A&E etc.

    Lots of video clips from these programmes on YouTube. Can you remember any notable ones? Here are a couple of clips that spring to mind. Perhaps best not to watch this clip if you are a simple-minded Brummie. Or then again... -RRjRvAwkpk&nohtml5=False...
  8. Toobad

    DAS-6 Pro Plus Dual Action Polisher Kit £171 delivered

    Outstanding value for anybody considering getting serious about detailing. This machine has a powerful 880W motor and a 12mm throw but to sweeten the deal , it comes with a collection of Meguiar's polishes and 3 different Flexipad Hex pads to get you up and running. They also throw in both 5"...
  9. ioweddie

    Amazing bridge building machine in action
  10. Incredible vito

    whats your plan of action on ur merc this week

    mine is get it to wales remove engine purchase 2nd engine give it full service new injector seals bolts anything else it may require then refit engine and hope for the best :rock:
  11. D

    Winter tyres in action, for the doubters.

    How to drive the Ring in the snow - BBC Top Gear Neil
  12. M

    Crystal Serum in action

    Hi Guys, Hope everyone is well! Last week i popped to a clients house who had his DBS booked in for signature paint correction/CS advanced coating detail back in April. It hadnt been touched since as He was worried breathing on it after, let along cleaning it. The car was going back in the...
  13. SL300-24

    Dual Action Polisher

    Is anyone thinking of selling a decent DA polisher for a reasonable price? If so please get in touch by PM with details. Thanks
  14. ItalianTuneUp

    EU Commission launches legal action over UK air quality Seems like there could be trouble ahead for diesel car drivers? :doh:
  15. M

    Gemclean Detailing-C1, EXOv2 & I1 Crystal lacquer & Hydrophobic coating in action!

    Hi Guys, As the title says! This was mbclub member 'Aeroman' 2013 Bentley GTC 4,000 miles after it was in for the full works. This shows how the coatings work a 6 months into being applied on a dirty car. This was just before christmas, so enjoy, Gemclean Detailing-Gtechniq C1 EXOv2 & I1...
  16. John

    Legal action...

    I had my wisdom teeth out by a private maxillo-facial surgeon back in 2002. The root of one of the teeth in front was cracked and subsequently the broken root was removed and I had endodonistry to resolve. However, I understand there might now be a cyst at the end of one of the original...
  17. SL300-24

    Dual Action Polisher wanted

    Kestral DAS-6, Maguiars G220 or similar please why?
  18. Conquistador

    New S-Class features in action

    Unnecessarily dramatic video showcasing some of the W222's features... qBb3PvArMnY
  19. alistairgd

    Snow foam in action [photos]

    I wasn't too impressed the first time I used pressure washer and snow foam, but I was a little more organised this time and it went a bit better. Setup : Nilfisk 110, Autobrite lance and Magifoam. Settings : A couple of inches of magifoam in the bottom of the container, topped up with water...
  20. R

    Brabus brake upgrade in action

    A couple of shots of my ongoing brake up-grade, involving new hats/bells to the discs and new caliper brackets, been ongong for past few weeks these photos are of the final trial fitment last Saturday, and hopefully PCS will be getting them fitted for me in the next two weeks, which will allow...
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