1. S

    Command Error...anti theft protection activated

    Hi, I am having this issue with Command, can anyone help me?
  2. B

    E220 Anti Theft Protection Activated

    Hi Folks, Bought a 2011 Merc e220 estate off a local independent dealer, told me stereo was inoperable, I was not that annoyed and saw as a trivial matter and i got a nice deal, When i turn on the car and the radio comes on as normal and is perfect for 10 seconds and then the message "...
  3. R

    Airmatic when activated

    I have an ML500 W164 - 06 (never had one before and not had long) and I started to try some of the features. The airmatic system seems to work fine, it goes up and down evenly but the pump makes quite a pronounced buzzing noise when its operating. It runs for approximately 2 minutes while it is...
  4. Sprint-Man

    W203 Reverse activated 12V supply

    Where can I pick up a 12V supply that is activated by selecting reverse on my C180K (05 Saloon/Classic), I'm fitting a Parking Sensor and the current draw is minimal, any of you experts already installed one?
  5. P

    active carbon charcoal pollen filter w203 C Class

    anyone had experience retrofitting a carbon cabin filter to a car which didn't have this originally? I have just bought & installed the below aftermarket upgraded pollen filter with a thin layer of activated carbon. Not sure it it'll make a huge difference given how thin the charcoal layer is...
  6. I

    Door opeing activated lights

    Hi, I have a 2002 C180. I have installed some retrofit lighting in the foot wells, that give a nice modern looking glow to the foot well. They were just a cheep kit from Maplins and run via plugging into the cigarette lighter. Does anyone know how to connect them to the door switch? At the...
  7. Aletank

    Activated Charcoal Filter ?

    In my service book, a Activated Charcoal Filter is listed, Is that a Pollen Filter ? Thanks Guys ;)
  8. J

    W210 (E Class) Steering lock activated (also W140?)

    Hello all, If you have been working on the ignition key-lock or the ignition switch itself you may have inadvertantly tripped the steering lock (see pic. below) and find that it's designed to latch itself so it can't be released. If so, I do now have a solution to release it which doesn't...
  9. J

    Heads Up re: Newly activated camera M1 j6a sthbnd?

    Not sure if this is the right place, I noticed tonight approx 18:30 for the first time that (speeding) cars were getting flashed by a camera that is in the gantry (I think) above the southbound carriageway of the M1 between 7-J6a. I travel this route regularly and this is the first time I've...
  10. E

    Activated charcoal filter

    Just reading what should be included in a Service B for my car and it says replace the activated charcoal filter... whats this? What does it do and are they expensive to have replaced? Just wondering, I'm actually due a Service A in 5000 miles time but I have an indi friend who is going to...
  11. J

    Activated charcoal filter

    Anyone know where is this black cylinder located for a 2005 W211?
  12. F

    activated carbon filter - where?

    car seems to be stuffy with more than 2 occupants! l checked dust filter and not to bad - hooverd it and will buy new one at weekend. russian site says there is pair of activated carbon filters , just like my old w210. i removed the panel under passenger footwell ( as per w210) but cant see...
  13. S

    Reinstalling Command activated phone kit

    Hi there, hope someone can help me on this one. I recently purchased a 2000 CLK 320 with Command. Very pleased overall, but the previous owner decided to have an after market phone kit installed. Very irritating as it doesn't fit my current phone (Nokia N70) and doesn't talk to the Command...
  14. Sp!ke

    ***SPECS activated on M4***

    *** WARNING *** Those new electronic signs on the M4 were switched on this Tuesday. The bad news is that they are rigged with the SPECS speed cameras. SPECS is a computer-camera based system. As you go past the sign a digital camera reads your number plate. When you go past the next sign...
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