1. F

    Cls55 amg active headlights

    Recently had my battery disconnected to recharge it as the car had been parked up with a falled sbc pump. After reconnecting the battery I'm now getting a message on the dash saying "active lighting system display faulty". Car is a 2005 cls55 amg with the active headlights option. Is their a...
  2. B

    Active Body Control 2013 SL63

    i have got an R231 2013 SL63 with 40,000km When i bought the SL there is the ABC malfunction warning but it comes on and off. In the center display screen showing the ABC and G force, during driving i can see the ABC indicator beside the wheel will have the red column showing ABC is active...
  3. D

    W211 option 616 ACTIVE CURVELIGHT Option

    So my car shows option 616 BI-XENON HEADLICHT W.ACTIVE CURVELIGHT on data card but I've no idea if that means the lights move, if the fogs come on the side I'm turning or if I would never notice. Its safe to say I've yet to notice so either I don't have the option or its not working. Its...
  4. W

    Active Lane Assist

    My car stated "Active Lane Assist" in the advert when I purchased it. I know there's varying types of this system, so do I have the type that can steer the car back between the white lines, or does it just rumble the steering wheel? Also, I have Parktronic but can this only be used for...
  5. D

    Shell V-Power Nitro vs BP Ultimate Active petrol

    Any preference re either of these two and why?
  6. A

    Blaupunkt CMS 265 Active Subwoofer

    This is a Blaupunkt CMS 265 100 Watt Compact Active Bass Reflex Subwoofer, suitable for mounting beneath a seat, within the footwell or in the boot of your car. It's been used under a seat and some of the writing on the cover has rubbed off, but its still in quite good condition. It's very...
  7. X

    MB coding for Distronic Active Steering Assist

    Hi Does anyone know Xentry coding values to disable or increase the time of Distronic Active Steering Assist warning when the hands are off the steering wheel for 10 seconds? Thanks
  8. afflier

    Active Lane Keeping Assistant problem

    Got an issue with the Active Lane Keeping Assistant on my 2013 s204 C63. Everything seems fine, system comes on line OK but as soon as the vehicle 'drifts' over a line i.e. activating the warning vibration and/or braking/steering correction, the system fails and a warning comes up on screen...
  9. culpano

    Engine died when stop start was active

    Hi, I've just driven from Blackpool to Harrogate where I work and was in standing traffic and stop start kicked in. When I took foot off the brake the engine died ! I put car in park and turned key and engine fired up again but it was a bit embarrassing as I was stopping cars turning into...
  10. toffee-pie

    Active Suspension Query

    Guys, Happy new year to all. I am going to check out a 2005 CL500 next week with 80k miles, about the active suspension. how does one check this out to ensure it does as its meant to do and has no defective components? At 80k miles would I be right to assume that these components will have...
  11. M

    S Class W221 Active Curving Light

    Mercedes S Class Drivers Side Front Headlight W221 Offside | eBay
  12. addbuyer

    Rear Camera and Active Park Assist

    I have a rear view camera but it doesn't have any screen markers / lines, the ones that show where the vehicle is heading etc. Is this normal, I don't think its an after fit unit as the car has active park assist.
  13. MickyP64

    Retrofit Active Parking Assist?

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to retrofit Active Parking Assistant to a pre-facelift W169? – The system where the car is able to park itself (an option that was available on the facelift version). Since I already have the OEM Parktronic system (4 x parking sensors back and front along...
  14. S

    Active park assist and fixed towbar.

    Hello all. New member :thumb: Just got my lovely new C220 Sport Estate and loving it. Had a fixed towbar fitted today by a third party recommended by the dealer. He used the dedicated wiring kit and did a good neat job. He also coded the car, but is it right that the active park assist is...
  15. Jimmy2404

    Active park assist

    Does anyone know if the active park assist only works with parallel parking, or can it reverse into supermarket spaces for example?
  16. M

    Active park assist issues

    When I was shown a E220 AMG by the tech guy at a Mercedes dealer I'm sure he demonstrated and talked about the fact that the active park assist covered parallel and perpendicular parking. To date, my car has not succeeded in performing a perpendicular park. It attempts it and then either fails...
  17. hercules

    w164 active light system inoperative

    Today I got this message on my IC "active light system inoperative" left beam But not only the motorized lens is not moving but the left light is not coming on ,. Is this e common fault or wear and tear of the unit or control unit. I will be connecting my Star diagnosis tomorrow if it is...
  18. ckember

    Sterring jammed and active headlight error

    Hi all I am looking for some advice on an issue that occurred tonight on the way home with my CLS GE Just after starting the car and leaving the work car park I have to turn right at a mini roundabout, as I turned right the car didn't seem to want to turn right and jolted to a halt. At the...
  19. spinaltap

    Keep A-Class or Buy BMW 2 Active Tourer?

    The Agility contract on my wife's W169 A-Class (our second in succession) ends in March 2015. She doesn't like the new A-Class or the new B-Class. She could select the cost-to-buy option and keep the W169. Alternatively, the new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer looks and feels like what Mercedes...
  20. J

    W211 Xenon Headlight Bulbs (with active light)

    Hi, My headlights are very dim so I assume I need some new bulbs. It's a 2005 (55) with Xenon and active light. Can anyone recommend a cheap source? Are they a DIY fit or do I have to remove the whole headlight cluster? Thanks Jon
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