1. flango

    Fitness bracelet - Activity trackers

    Does anybody use one permanently, would welcome your opinion if you do. I'm thinking of things like the Jawbone up24, Fitbit Force and Flex, Nike fuel band, Polar loop etc.. Would welcome you opinion on these, valuable as lifestyle trackers or another electronic gismo destined for the man...
  2. Davo

    Testing for solar flares with a CL500 - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | World News :: Huge solar flare threatens chaos Of course its not at like like the Daily Excess to predict that we're all doomed, but if anything at all is affected, I don't expect my CL500 to work properly, having just thrown money at it...
  3. Niks

    Paranormal Activity

    So last night, the gf and I decided to watch Paranormal Activity in the cinema (late night showing) after hearing quite a bit of a stir about it from others. Well.. talk about goosebumps and chills up the spine gallore, I can tell you! Its a low budget $11,000 movie thats been executed...
  4. Shude

    Police activity

    Not content with the shooting a fortnight ago in a house around the corner from me (still under investigation by the police) we have this little issue today, around the other corner from me! I wondered why they closed the road and...
  5. Bugblatter

    Strange light activity

    I got into my W203 this evening after work and sat for a short while to phone the wife on the mobile. Just after the interior light faded out, (with key in ignition) I noticed the instrument lights flash briefly, every few seconds. I am not sure, but I think the exterior lights flashed also...
  6. pammy

    Our next gtg activity - maybe
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