1. P

    Anybody selling or can make a turbo adapter?

    I have a W202 C250TD and I'm looking for a turbo flange adapter to fit a GT2871 or something similar. I don't mind if it's used or if somebody can make one themselves if they've done it before. Thanks
  2. damiandavis

    Which Fibre Optic (Most) to RCA Adapter to use

    Hello, so i am preparing to switch the NTG1 Comand Nav stereo in my W211 (2007) E63 with an aftermarket head unit. I have been told that i need to put a MOST Fibre to RCA interface in to allow the head to connect to the speakers via the boot AMP. I have been recommended a unit from IncarTech...
  3. flowrider

    For Sale: Mercedes Bluetooth HFP Adapter

    I am selling my bluetooth adapter. It is fully working but be aware that the Mercedes Bluetooth HFP adapter will not work in cars with the old CD based COMAND system, or Audio-30, Audio-30-APS, Audio 10-CD or Audio-10 Cassette because you get echo on the system. I do not have the box or...
  4. Sonny Burnett

    Help ID what phone/bluetooth adapter i need

    Hi Guys, Just need a little help as the title suggests, i have this cradle that i have no idea what phone is compatible, also the part number is useless. any one have any ideas?
  5. David404

    mercedes me adapter

    As title, must be in full working order and free to connect to my car (do these get 'locked' to a specific car once connected?). PM if you have one to sell Thanks.
  6. David404

    Mercedes Me Adapter

    Change of mobile phone opens door to using the Adapter, anybody seen any offers on these or got one to sell?:fail
  7. Peter Michaels

    Bluetooth adapter

    Hello It's it possible to play music from a smart phone via a Bluetooth adapter, which plugs into the connection which used to be for an older Nokia phone in a 2002 220cdi Avantgarde ? If yes what are they called and where to get one? Many thanks
  8. D

    Bury phone adapter?

    This is in the CLK: Is there a specific phone holder that clips in? There's a microphone in the headlining, I assume this is connected to the Bury bracket.
  9. ShaunB

    PCMCIA adapter + 16gb

    Guys Have this in my W204 C63, fully working and really handy. PCMCIA adapter 16GB compact flash USB CF adapter for transferring from your PC £16 posted Currently £25 on Amazon
  10. Ajay Bhatoa

    Becker sat nav adapter and genuine AMG floor mats for c class coupe.

    Hey guys. I have a few items for sale if anyone would be interested. I get a new car on Thursday so these are available straight away. Make me some offers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. L

    Mercedes Me Adapter @£40

    Hi Guys Is it worth £40 for a Mercedes Me Adapter? Has anyone bought one? Did it change your life? Cheers Lou
  12. sarah.grandon

    Bluetooth adapter

    Hello, well I know I've midered about this before... but I'm wondering if this would be the answer to my woes ?? All I want to do is have hands free phone and a little music... I've got CLK 320 CDI 09 plate... [emoji182] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. DaveTheDrummer

    Mercedes Me Adapter

    Hi guys, When I bought the shooting brake the Basingstoke dealer very kindly threw in the Mercedes Me adapter for the OBD port. It goes in OK and I can connect the phone to it. But when it goes through the process it gets to the vehicle compatibility part and then fails saying that the...
  14. G

    M5 to M6 adapter for the roof aerial?

    Is this even possible? I bought what was supposed to be a model-specific roof aerial, as some lowlife pinched mine off the car over Christmas ... It looks quite nice: but the thread is M5, and apparently my antenna base is M6, so I need something like this: I have a strong...
  15. B

    Bluetooth adapter

    Hi Guys and Galls, i'm Barry and new to this forum, having just bought a C220 W203 2007, i have a UHI under the armrest and would like an adaptor to allow my phone to be used. Has anyone got one for sale or can point me in the right direction to get one. many thanks Barry
  16. dad4geer

    Mercedes me Adapter

    Hi all, I sent an email to my local Mercedes dealer today to book a time slot and get this adapter installed. I was surprsied to receive following response.. // The Mercedes Me adapter isn’t being released by MB until the beginning part of 2017, we will have lot more information of...
  17. dad4geer

    Mercedes me..

    I am new to this so need some guidance.. I liked the idea of having an app installed and then keeping an eye on so many things remotely. I have registered for the account etc, app downloaded and installed but did not get time to visit a service center yet for that adapter thing. I was just...
  18. sarah.grandon

    Bluetooth Adapter

    Hey, does anyone know if an X reg CLK 55 AMG would have Bluetooth adapter in ?? Or was it too early for it??? X
  19. C

    CL 55 AMG Bluetooth adapter

    Hi I've just purchased a 2003 CL 55 AMG and am collecting end of next week I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me what adapter I need to replace original Nokia phone so I can use blue tooth with my I phone ? As soon as I collect the car I will add an image or two been looking for over a...
  20. jih2000

    OBD Blutooth Adapter C63 - Torque Pro App

    Hi Anyone recommend a reliable and not too expensive obd bluetooth adapter for the C63. Its to interface tothe torque pro / drmerc mobile apps please? Anyone using these in their c63's? Thanks
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