1. P

    Bluetooth adaptor for C Class w203

    Hi I'm after a Bluetooth adaptor for a C Class W203 please. The one that goes in the armrest. Thanks Dan
  2. Cymruambyth

    Best PCMCIA to SD adaptor.

    Basically, is there a correct one to buy or are they all the same? Also, will any SD card work with them? I think I read somewhere that they can only use a max size of 8 or maybe 16gb! Cheers.
  3. RH2013

    Bluetooth Adaptor Unused

    Still in box.
  4. T

    mercedes me app and adaptor

    Has anyone tried installing the mercedes me app on their phone and also the adaptor on their car? apparently its free from mercedes, the obd adaptor is constantly plugged into the obd port. what do you guys think of it?
  5. U

    Mercedes Benz SAP V2 SLR Bluetooth Mobile Phone Cradle Adaptor A2048200535

    abc abc
  6. D

    W124 300E cd radio adaptor?

    Hi guys I have a sony cd player fitted in mine, which is goosed, I am looking to replace this and wanted to know if any can advise if you can purchase the wiring loom adapters for these cars? obviously depending on what make model of unit i go for cheers
  7. L

    Bluetooth Adaptor

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum with my 2006 (facelift) SL. Does anyone know the part number I need for the adaptor to connect my iPhone 6s to the car? It has the connector in the centre console, not sure the reference of the NAV, but the DVD is in the boot. Sorry if this has been...
  8. C

    bluetooth adaptor for command system

    Hi I have a Merc 320 cls with the cable in the armrest...I want to use my Iphone 5c to connect via Bluetooth to the car system,,,what model adaptor do I need ?? Thanks
  9. D

    look at this adaptor for battery to keep battery from draining thieves off good price

    Battery Disconnect Isolator Cut Off Switch Black Wheel CLASSIC CARS | eBay
  10. BIG_G_1979

    jacking point adaptor

    Hi guys does anyone have one of these ebay# 261590743177, im looking to get some fabricated in work so was wondering if anyone would give me the dimemsions of this thanks
  11. swannymere

    Unopened Genuine Apple Mini DispalyPort to VGA adaptor

    Unopened and still in packaging Genuine Apple Mini DispalyPort to VGA adaptor cost £25 looking for £15 posted.
  12. bennybelmont

    Which oil cap adaptor?

    Hello I'm planning on and oil change on my CL i have the all data diy program on my computer so aware of capacity (states 9l however owners manual says approx 9.5l?) was wondering which size oil filter tool i need as there as many different sizes from Sealey and Amazon etc? Thanks
  13. HB

    Which Bluetooth adaptor ?

    Guys. Which Bluetooth adaptor do I need for a 203 with aps 50. Car is 2006
  14. rom1

    bluetooth aux adaptor

    Hello all, Does anyone know if I can use a blue tooth adaptor to convert my aux jack in glove box, to bluetooth so I can stream music from iphone 5 to comand unit. I have a bluetooth cradle in centre arm rest which works perfectly for the phone function. I was thinking are the 2 going to...
  15. G

    CLK240 bluetooth adaptor

    Hi to all, I am new to Mercedes and need advice please. I have recently purchased a 2004 (54 plate) CLK240 and I want to install a Bluetooth adaptor, but which one do I need for my vehicle?
  16. R

    2003 c class coupe what double din adaptor do I need?

    My mate has 2003 c class coupe and he would like a double din unit installing I have looked at fascia adaptors and there is more than one available which one have people used? His double din has not come with a cage. Im ok with the wiring side just need to know what fascia fits and looks the best.
  17. L_A

    Viseeo MB-2 bluetooth handsfree adaptor

    Bluetooth adaptor for sale from my w211 i believe this fits quite a few models after 2005. Comes in original box with instructions Open to offers
  18. M

    Pioneer steering wheel adaptor for W210

    Hi everyone, new here ... and I had a question I was hoping someone could answer. I have a W210 (E200 Elegance automatic), X reg. Fed up of the inability of the stock Audio 10 CD unit to play CD-Rs, I recently purchased a new Pioneer head unit (DEH-X6500DAB) to replace it. I don't see fitting...
  19. camerafodder

    Bluetooth Adaptor for Mercedes

    Hi Gents I'm selling my bluetooth adaptor. Merc Part Number:B6 787 5877. It works perfectly with my Blackberry Bold (and other b/berries). These are quite expensive new and used ones sell for around £100 on fleabay. Before it goes onto the bay I'm offering it to club members for £80 delivered...
  20. Alps

    Alpine Mercedes C\E\CLK steering\display adaptor

    Manufacturer: Alpine Car Audio Alpine KCE-960B Audio Control Adaptor Features: Will display on cluster For installing Alpine aftermarket headunits and enable them to be controlled and displayed via the cars controls control via steering Exclusively designed for use with Alpine...
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