1. A

    MOST loop adaptors - wrong connection?

    Trying to bypass digital TV module to identify a fault. Bought a female MOST loop cable, but once I got the TV module out, I found a combined power and optical connection on the back. Splitting out the optical, it's just a narrow male connection (like the one which goes into the Nav DVD under...
  2. K

    Halogen Headlight Bulb Adaptors?

    On the ML 2007, and probably several other models, there is a springy stainless steel adapter to hold the H7 Halogen Headlight bulb. Their purpose is to hold the bulb and allow a bayonet-type fitting into the Headlight housing, because there's no room for those endearing springy wires that...
  3. C

    XXR 968 Deep Dish 18" Wheels for BMW/Mercedes

    You may have seen these on my CLS, as its going back to standard I have my wheels for sale, they are BMW Fitment wheels (5x120) but I also have the adaptors which were specially made my CLS this means you can safely and legally run 5x120 wheels on a 5x112 car the wheels are 18x9j et35 and...
  4. Londonscottish

    Question about adaptors for MB roof bars and MB bike racks

    Hi there, Obscure request here....... I have a set of MB roof bars which I bought 9-10 years ago s/h from someone who'd bought them new for (I think) a W210. There is a number on the manual - 204 029 0500. I also have a pair of MB roof bars. These were new/old stock ones I bought...
  5. adam87

    W202 Speaker Adaptors

    After speaker adaptors for front doors and rear shelf if anyone has some lying around they've never fitted or no longer need! Thanks
  6. C

    Bluetooth Adaptors ????

    Hi all, Can anyone advise where/if I can get a reliable Bluetooth Cradle Adaptor etc that will connect my Blackberry 9700 to my E Class Phone system etc, without me having to part with £280 for the official Mercedes one ?? Daylight bleedin robbery ! :eek: :doh: Thx in advance. :)...
  7. HumberMart

    Ipod Adaptors

    Hi to all - my first post. I bought a new E220 CDI SE a month ago, after trading in an 09 SLK200, and I had an R320 CDI Sport before that. Now my wife has just bought a new B180 CDI Sport, so we've really established ourselves as Merc loyalists after years of Honda's and BM's. (We also share a...
  8. L

    5x100 to 5x112 adaptors item no. 140289114963
  9. scotth_uk

    Anyone seen these Bluetooth Adaptors

    Spotted these on an Australian MB forum:
  10. H

    DVD adaptors on COMMAND

    Quick question.. I have been looking at the little adaptors which plug into the rear of the command unit (I HAVE CL500 2001 model) and allow a DVD player to be plugged in. All you do is select AV1 input etc to view it. Question - Will the screen still be locked out in BLUE mode whilst the...
  11. Thmsshaun

    W202 Speaker adaptors

    Autoleads W202 Speaker adaptors to allow doors to take aftermarket upgraded speakers. These are brand new and have never been out the packagaing. Front door Speaker adaptors £12 delivered Rear Door Speaker Adaptors (Estate only) £10 delivered Get the pair for £20 Delivered...
  12. PJH

    USB Wi-Fi adaptors

    My Voyager 205 router has both ethernet and USB ports. The ethernet port is already in use for 2 existing PCs via a 3com hub. If I buy 2 USB network adaptors and plug 1 into the router and the other into a laptop, will that establish a wireless link to the laptop? BELKIN F5D7050UK WIRELESS...
  13. scruffy

    209 speaker adaptors

    anyone know where to source 165mm front speaker adapters for a clk W209, tried to fit new speakers today with the supplied adaptors, completely different shape - fits all model clk's says the audio shop expert! - yeah right. Most audio sites seem to list clk 97-present with no model number...
  14. M

    Aerials GPS + GSM, adaptors, leads, converters

    I found this link to a company in Finland. Has a wide range of Wiclic and HRS connector adaptors. Would be a useful resource to any person wanting a wide choice of antennas and still wanting to maintain the MB connections...
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