1. R

    W211 add aux input

    Hi all I have a W211 2.2cdi 2008 with the standard stereo with cd player and Bluetooth which works great. But it has no aux input, has anyone managed to add it without replacing the stereo or spending plenty of wonga please :bannana:
  2. B

    Options to add DAB to 2016 Vito?

    Anyone know what the best option is to add DAB to standard stereo? Is there an oem product you can add or do I have to add something 3rd party like the Pure Highway 400 In-car DAB with FM Digital Audio Adapter with Bluetooth Seen loads of android units online but soo many variations I don't...
  3. RickyBurrows

    Anyone know how to add pictures to your profile?

    Hi can anybody help I've just signed up and was wondering how I can edit my profile like the avatar and add images of my car ect? Thanks
  4. BarryWhitt

    Garmin sat nav SD card can l add speed camera warnings?

    Just wondered if anyone has any experience of taking out their sd card from their car and adding speed cameras to it from my PC. I have another Garmin unit with lifetime updates which as standard has speed camera notification. Thanks for any replies.
  5. garycat

    HOW TO : Add a boot spoiler to a C Class Coupé C204

    Here's how to add a boot spoiler to a 2014 C Class Coupe (C204) but the instructions would apply to most types. The spoiler was sourced from ebay, and I found one already painted in the same colour code as my car for £78 inc free P&P. It arrived about a week after ordering, and a few days...
  6. S

    Hi thanks for the add, new to mercedes!

    Hi thanks for the add guys, I'm new to Mercedes having moved over from Audi and now own a 58 plate SLK and love it!!! I needed a reliable car as I commute a fair distance and found the SLK at a decent price with only 27000 on the clock, however I did look at a few horrors before finding a good...
  7. steve333

    Add blue?

    Just learning about my new C300 hybrid which has an addblue filler next to the diesel filler cap(picture attached)-is this something that's topped up at service time as the on board display says so many thousand miles of addblue?
  8. M

    Add 1.5L Oil?

    Hi i was checking oil level on my W203 2005 diesel 2.2 it says Add 1.5L engine was warm at 90c switch off engine waited 5 minutes checked again says add 1L but in the morning when engine was cold before start checked it says Engine oil level Ok. 1: When is the right time to check oil level...
  9. tromppost

    VW Phaeton - Ebay add

    Just saw this and thought what good value for money it is.... VW PHAETON V6 3.0 TDI 4MOTION | eBay
  10. M

    What would you add

    I have an S Class, And was thinking about how could I make it even more luxurious I was thinking about gadgets e.g. Games Console etc. I was wondering if you were going to make your more luxurious or have more gadgets what would you add?
  11. G

    w211 add wiring harness for power sunshade t

    Hello to all I own a E320 cdi elegance full option except power sunshade and have acquired every thing OEM is needed to add this option by my problem is that here in Albania my local dealers don't have any ideas to retrofit it so I did everything but the plugin isn't there It's been one week...
  12. P

    Snooper DAB2000 add on unit.

    Bought one of these for my e220 cabriolet, did a test fit in the garage and signal strength was 80%+, so stuck the antenna to the screen and started engine to go out, and once the ignition switched on the signal dropped to 0% :confused: Emailed snooper to get their take on this and had 1 reply...
  13. S

    Can I add USB slot?

    My 2008 W221 did not come with a USB port in the front centre console. I believe this was an optional extra - is it possible to add the USB port in the centre console as I'd like to use the USB port to charge the phone?
  14. dan-mb

    The best ebay car add ever??

    So i saw this advert found it very amusing! Not sure about the asking price!! my teenage sons 2005 renault Clio , with story time , who would buy it ? | eBay (ebay search my teenage sons clio if the link does not work)
  15. lisa110rry

    put her away in the garage, should i add a dehumidifying thingy?

    Good evening all, As usual a question from me. Over the weekend I put the little green meanie away in the unheated detached garage. Do you think I should add one of those little cartons of salts that remove humidity in caravans in the cockpit? Your comments will be much appreciated. ...and...
  16. A

    C200K W203 Add Telephone

    Hi all. I appologise if this has been asked like a million times, but it bugs me when things are there but dont quite work as they should......:crazy: I have this stereo unit in dash. The Tel button is just one of the things that bugs me... cannot use it as cannot attach my android phone...
  17. S

    how to add short video clip to post

    Hi All Im trying to to find out how I can add a short video clip to my post in order to allow other members to hear a problem I'm having with a noise issue I'm having with my car , which the garage is finding difficulty identifying and rectifying. Look forward to all replies.
  18. poormansporsche

    Feel free to add your own joke .....

    Wonder if the owner was trying to be ironic ! 2001 Mercedes Benz C32 AMG Estate W203 | eBay Nice looking car though !
  19. M

    Millers fuel add out of date ???

    I bought some Millers diesel fuel additive, as recommended by some people on here. Looked on bottle and it says don't use after the date is up which is a couple of months ago. What do you recon still is it ok to use, theres no mould growing on it, do you think its like a supermarket date??? Just...
  20. ricardo62

    add atf fluid in diesel cure leak

    hi I have a very small leak from around the pipe on the fuel pump , ive heard on other forums that adding a litre of atf fluid to a full tank of diesel will make the o rings seal and hopefully stop it , apparently other people have had success , any thoughts on doing this ? car e320 diesel yr 2000
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