1. Meldrew2

    Camera Addiction

    Oh Dear. I think that I'm starting to collect cameras. After a very rainy day in Alaska, my Nikon D40 decided that it preferred life as a doorstop or paperweight instead of the more traditional life taking photographs. I found a used Nikon 1 with 10-30 zoom on the Bay Of Addictions. All...
  2. DSLiverpool

    I have a theory on brand addiction

    MB have a simple and relatively evolutionary control layout tat I can trace the DNA through every model I have had. One big stalk at 7 o'clock small one at 10 o'clock control all wipers, indicators and cruise as we all know. So now BMW 4 stalks on my 7, at 7 o'clock we have cruise control...
  3. developer

    Advice on addiction needed

    Serious moment folks. A close friend of mine has just told me he has a dependancy on brake fluid. I'm very concerned about him :crazy:. He tells me not to worry though, as he can stop at any time.
  4. P

    mercedes addiction

    :Di bought a c180 w202 about 9 months ago and its been a great car,it was only bought to last me a year for £995,i thought it would be like most cars ya know get in drive nice etc,however ive kinda fallen in love with mercs,especially the old ones,trouble is im skint now and have to spend my...
  5. com

    I think I have an addiction problem...

    Discovered I might have a problem today after cleaning out the comptuer room due to a upcoming move. With mobile phones :crazy: The two after the pen are the only ones that get used. I tend to buy phones when they are new, use them for a month then sell them. I had started...
  6. Koolvin


    I am addicted to MBC UK. Just had to get that out :o
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