1. B

    Adding night package

    Good morning all, I was wondering if anyone has any idea on cost or the ease of adding the night package to my car. It's a 2016 e350 in black and think it would set the car off better. Any thoughts or experiences with that? I'm open to ridicule or suggestions. Sent from my iPhone using...
  2. mounty3279

    Adding an Album

    Hi, I am trying to add an album but am getting this message, Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? If you are trying to post, the administrator may...
  3. T

    Adding 2 stoke oil to diesel fuel

    Does anyone do this? It's common practice with Rover 75 CDT owners. I've done it myself for many years and it seems to make the engine run smoother. I was wondering if Mercedes CDI drivers do the same.
  4. M.A.94

    Adding a switched fused circuit on a W210

    Hello first and foremost I'm looking for a way in which I can get switched power so my headunit turns off with the key. At the moment my accessory wire on my headunit runs straight to the battery with an inline fuse, this results in the there being constant power and the head unit always...
  5. Farmer boy

    Adding CDs to music registry

    Erring very frustrated with my attempts to save a couple of new CDS to the car. I have a 2016 C Class with Comand. I remember popping brand new CDs into the player on my way back from the shops and adding them to the registry on the way home. Tried today and the add to registry option is...
  6. Trickythemerc

    Adding a USB socket

    I need to add a USB socket to my CLK to power my dash cam. Ideally it needs to be fitted in the glove box and have a switched live feed. I have done a forum search,but can't find any info on doing this mod. Any clues please guys. Tricky
  7. poormansporsche

    Help a idiot ! Adding to the fuse box .....

    alright good peoples, Im retrofitting heated seats. I have bought the correct loom from MB - everything is fine but i need to join the loom to the fuse box. There are 2 wires - one needs to be connected to fuse 21 which is fine as there is already a fuse there and not a problem. But the...
  8. G

    Adding DRLs to pre-facelift W169

    This mod, or rather some of its ingredients, has been discussed and mentioned in a few places around this (and other) forum, as I was looking for answers and advice regarding wire routing, LED layout, RF noise, etc, etc. I decided to put it all in one place, as it might be useful to someone...
  9. S

    Adding Apps to Comand Online

    Hi, I've got Comand Online on my shiny new SLK 350, and I wanted to know if anyone has any experience of adding apps to it? what Apps they have added and more importantly where is a good source for Aoos? I've regiserted with Mercedes and punched in my details only to find when I search on Apps...
  10. M

    2008 W211 adding a car changer

    Hi, I've recently bought a w211 with command and navigation, it's got the little secret compartment, but I'd rather have the 6 disc changer in there (as getting Bluetooth streaming looks difficult /expensive). The question is... How difficult is it to do? I've seen second hand...
  11. U

    Adding video input for W212's Audio 20

    Hi everyone ... Looking forward to adding video input to the 5" Audio 20 HU using something like that Some questions I have: How do I remove the display bezel? Where are the latches, how should I pull it...
  12. P

    adding DAB to W204 facelift with NTG 4.5

    I would like to add DAB to my car which has an NTG4.5 However, I am reading about the standard Merc DAB is not too good on the later models due to it being a combined unit so wonder if a 3rd party option maybe better. If so, any recommendations of model and fitters ? I am in Surrey / SW London...
  13. M

    W221 Adding electrically adjustable rear seats

    Hello everyone, I have a question about adding electrically adjustable rear seat, if it is a complex operation, which will be needed for the processing, the approximate cost?
  14. Sky Bear

    W221 Adding tv tuner to car

    Hi all, After some advice, apologies if it has been asked before but I failed to find anything using the search function. I am looking at an buying a 2007 S class I have seen with rear seat entertainment. You can play dvd films in the rear two screens and the front but it does not have a...
  15. brens-e200

    adding remote locking/unlocking to w124 (1990)

    hi all fancied a little less work when opening the ecar ( ha ha ) so decided to add a keyless system to my 1990 w124 :crazy:. Now having searched the web and taken all i can find in i started the job this morning and i'am fastly going no where. I have wired up the control unit as per the...
  16. T

    2011 C350 - Adding Comand/ Satnav

    Hi Im looking at buying a 2011 C350 and have seen a good one. It does, however, not have Comand or Satnav. How easily is Comand added? Cost? Cheers
  17. toolman1954

    Adding pure highway dab to comand 2003 e320cdi

    Hi, I want to add a PURE HIGHWAY 300Di to play through the Aux on COMAND. ( Just so I can get Planet Rock ) I seem to recall someone else doing a similar job, on a 320 cdi, and making an excellent "How to " with pictures. But I cannot f ind anything using the search...
  18. C

    adding DAB to W204 2011 C Class

    Evening all. I would like to add DAB to my Comand NTG4 system in the car. I know there is a genuine Mercedes retrofit but at circa £1200 I think the wife would castrate me. So I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on which are the best DAB aftermarket adaptors to buy. The only...
  19. F

    Adding reverse camera - do I need Av module?

    Hi Here's my first ever post. I was advised by a local specialist that I needed an AV module in order to fit a reverse camera to my w204 c220 cdi sport, NTG4 Comand APS with 6DVD changer. However, I am not convinced as I have seen the back of the unit and can see the green fakra connection...
  20. A

    C270 CDI running in Emergency Mode after adding Redex

    Hi, I'm hoping that someone can help me. I recently input some diesel redex fuel system cleaner into my 2005 C270 CDI into a full tank. Initially when I put it into the car after a few miles the Engine management system light came on and the car went into emergency mode - only runs in 2nd...
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