1. C

    Proximity sensor alarm addition

    Hi Fellow forumites I have just suffered having the covers from my door mirrors nicked:mad: Is there an addition to the alarm system that you can add to give proximity protection. It seems a it of a craze around Birmingham at the moment.they were taken from the car whilest on the drive last...
  2. C36fan

    New addition to the family.

    Hi peeps after 4 year of buying my last car the C63 I thought I'd treat myself with a new mota ,I started to search for a cl65 but they are rare as hens teeth and patience isn't my forte I looked in to cl63tt but again the ones available didn't tickle my pickle . So I started to look to w218...
  3. Piff

    easy DAB & bluetooth addition

    number 2 son has a volvo c30 with fm radio & cd player. car has a 3.5mm jack & a cigarette lighter He would like to add DAB & possibly bluetooth on a limited budget - any suggestions
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Latest Addition to the KillerHERTZ Fleet

    Today I had my new daily driver rider arrive which will replace my current MY2008 GT Avalanche 1.0. I do 50 miles a week to and from work, aswell as long rides at the weekend. -GT Avalanche Expert MY:2015 -0.5 Bhp Specs for bike geeks: Frame Hydroformed & Butted Speed...
  5. flango

    New addition to the fleet

    Hi All SWMBO New Ford Kuga arrived today. 2.0 Duratorq with RS pack mapped to 210 bhp. I can't believe Ford have come on so much they must have been taking lessons from when they owned Volvo as the quality has moved on massively and so as the drive. Just been out for lunch and so far so good...
  6. Sky Bear

    W221 Bluetooth addition

    I have looked around but failed to find the answer so hopeful the knowledgable members here will be able to help. I am looking to buy a 2007 W221 S Class which I believe will have the NTG3.0 but stand to be corrected. I do not think it has Bluetooth from my quick scan through the telephone...
  7. E

    New addition to the family

    Meet Leo a 9 week old Pomeranian boy :bannana: I would like advice on pet insurance, never had a pet insurance so any comments will be appreciated. I know "cover for life" is the best cover but which company....Directline, Morethan, Asda, RAC, etc. Thanks
  8. flango

    New Addition to the fleet

    Bought this today for JSWMBO Totally mint 92k, FMSH, A folder full of records and bills, service/repair receipts. Guess who's going to be detailing it tomorrow :doh: One happy daughter who's also going for her first job interview on Monday
  9. smoothcoupe

    new addition to the family..

    My brothers new e63 biturbo. In tenorite grey with grey trim. Lovely machine. My other brother is picking his w211 E55 up on weekend.. ive got the whole family hooked... gonna have some interesting family get togethers!!
  10. Davegt40

    New Addition to the Family

    Very happy to announce the arrival of one big bouncing, screaming w210 e55 AMG estate. Does everything it says on the tin and extremely happy!:bannana:
  11. M

    New addition

    Well the B200 2009 has gone and have taken delivery of a 8month 2012 old B200 CDI Sport. W246. Lovely car with Auto, heated seats just wish it had few other options but was easier than the 9 month wait for new one. Now just to find a sunglasses holder instead of the roof handle for drive and...
  12. D

    The latest addition to the family...

    The wife was getting broody for a fourth bambino so I thought I better act quick and take her mind away from those thoughts. We will be able to collect him in two weeks, and we all can't wait, here's a picture; The children have named him Seth...
  13. billywhiz

    New addition - The 5.5 V8 W210 :O) - pics

    Introducing my 55, quick run down is one former owner, 90k, full MBSH, no corrosion and drives like a new car :D Please excuse the dirty tyres and I know the mats need a hoover No point in waffling, let the pics do the talking
  14. A

    New addition to the family...

    No it's not another car ;-) My wife gave birth to a gorgeous little girl this afternoon (1.46 pm). Mother and baby are well. The timing does mean I missed the football - but hey, that's love! I said little girl, she's actually quite tall and weighed in at 3.85kg or 8lb 7oz in old money (if...
  15. Michael G

    Meet the new addition to my family.

    Well after a long 3 year gap we finally have another Kitten. :D He's a sweet little moggy who we've called Sammy. He rarely keeps still but he's now worn out and asleep on my knee. :) Here's a few pics.
  16. EDZ649

    My latest addition!

    Well I know I've just sold the E55 and I'm always on the lookout for a new project :D so here it is, a 1998 E430 Elegance, fully loaded except sunroof, heated leather, climate etc, 130K miles with near on full service history, no MOT or Tax, been off the road for about three months. Hardly...
  17. jaymanek

    My Latest Addition - W123 280 CE

    280 CE, 59K Genuine Miles
  18. P

    My new addition.... a Chavalier !!

    Well we all talk about new cars and what we can afford and image, and power etc etc..WELL ...! My father in law has just decided to sell his 1994 Cavalier 2 litre GLS..Immaculate condition. 54,000 miles full vauxhall service history..just serviced before he was to sell.. :eek: ...velour...
  19. pupsi

    New addition to the E500 interior

    Got this delivered today from Germany: Its a fridge which goes inbetween the front seats. Its an original optional part, never seen one before though! Quite chuffed :) Am stockpiling the parts for my car at the moment, then going to whack them all in when i have time. Am currently...
  20. Godot

    New addition to Google Mapping Quite clever stuff :rock: :rock: :bannana: :bannana:
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