1. B

    Diesel Additive?

    Hi All Has anyone used a diesel Additive on their Cars? I have a 2004 (54) C220 CDI W203 and it has a slight hesitation sometimes when driving around town, acceleration if fine and also tick over is fine. it is only a very slight hesitation but gets on my nerves and was wondering whether the...
  2. N

    W208 CLK320 Fuel additive

    Has anyone had any experience with Archoil AR6400 Pro Petrol Cleaner PEA Concentrate I've generally seen good reviews for the product but nothing specific to the CLK320 (W208); double checking just in case. Although i use premium fuel and i appreciate some will say to not bother, for peace of...
  3. ringway

    Millers Diesel Power ECOMAX Fuel Additive for sale.

    I no longer own a diesel vehicle and consequently have a surplus supply of Millers Diesel Power ECOMAX fuel additive for sale. I have 3no unopened 5-litre tins of the stuff which sells at Halfords for almost £28 per litre. LINK. Item/s located in Cheshire. Buyer to collect or meet up with me...
  4. terry@yarmouth

    diesel additive

    had my w211 a few weeks now, lovely motor. first diesel ive ever had. now my query is when i accelarate seems rattly and noisy going along realy smooth, is this just me expecting too much from a diesel ? been reading about additives, millers ecomax. wynns gold.redex etc. are these any good? as...
  5. ringway

    Whodunnit? The MAF or The Additive?

    I've had the EML on my 430 since I discovered it after replacing a cluster bulb. Replaced one o2 sensor and the light went out. Two weeks later, the light was back on. Had a STAR diagnosis of blocked catalytic converter. I then had a Terraclean and hoped that might get rid of the problem...
  6. k8legal

    Diesel additive / Injector cleaner

    As I have posted recently about cleaning the EGR I was just wondering about anyones knowledge or experience of an additive called BG44? Does it help clean all the crap our or is it just bolleaux? I had doen a bit of surfing and came up with this interesting article Homebrew Sea Foam...
  7. Omega

    Diesel Additive

    Just had a service on my 2 year old E220CDI (12,700m), at my local M.B outlet. On the way home I noticed a vast increase in power that I hadn't experienced in this car before. After a couple of days, the M.B people called to ask if I was satisfied with their service & I asked the bloke if they...
  8. T

    Any comments on Forte diesel Additive

    Hello, Came across this stuff yesterday, and it's not cheap. Welcome to Forté Lubricants Forte Wondered if anyone had any experience - is it snake oil, or is it known to really clean your bits and do the biz ? Reason I ask is that I got a diagnosis of a dodgy idling injector yesterday...
  9. I

    Redex Fuel Additive

    Hi, just a quick question. I have a W124 300TD with nearly 200K on the clock. Is the Redex Diesel Stuff any good, does anyone use it or recommend using it (whether in diesel or petrol). Any negative opinons are also welcome.
  10. C240Sport97

    petrol additive for old and high mileage engines

    I have a 210 estate E230 with 173k miles. Don't use any super unleaded petrol because I don't think it will make much of a difference. However, I am wondering whether there is any good additive which will clean the engine (i.e. the valves, cylinders etc) more effectively than standard...
  11. PJayUK

    Extralube additive (ZX1)

    I have heard some very positive feedback on this stuff and was wondering if anyone has any constructive comments and views. Specifically its value in an engine that has seen more than 110,000 miles, but used daily. Could it provide any value in reducing wear in high mileage engines? Link to...
  12. K

    Using ATF as an additive

    I think I remember seeing somewhere (though I can't find it again) a posting where a member said he'd added some ATF to his fuel tank to help clean the injectors, etc I was wondering whether this is the case and would it be good practice. I found some Dextron III in the garage (it is quite...
  13. MercedesBent

    Anyone recommend any of these fuel/oil additive things?

    Was thinking a about trying one of these aditive things you can buy where you pour one in the fuel tank and another in the oil to make the engine quieter and more efficient. Anyone used one and any recomendations. Petrol engine BTW! Thanks
  14. Goldfish11

    Which Windscreen Washer fluid additive should I use?

    I have for many years just gone out and bought the cheapest (5 litre) container of that blue windscreen washer fluid additive from Helfords or where ever. My concern is I am sure some of this can be quite aggressive to perhaps my nice polished paint :D Does anyone have any recommendations...
  15. Dieselman

    Diesel additive and injector problems

    We seem to have had a number of posts relating to clogged / faulty injectors. We are told that using additives restricts the warranty. If I was cynical i could think that maybe MB wants people to have problems once the warranty has expired, as a revenue raiser. I thought it would be...
  16. jukie

    What fuel additive for CDi engines?

    Hi all, What brand do people use? Miller's? Wynn's? Comma? Wurth? Dieselman, I know from a previous thread you use Millers. Do you buy on-line? If so, from whom? TIA, David.
  17. L

    Cat cleaning additive

    Your opinions on this product please, I have ordered a tube just to see what, if anything, it does
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