1. M

    Mercedes Me - Address not being received in Car

    When I send an address from the Mercedes Me App on my iphone it is no longer received. It says address sent but eventually returns an error message. I've tried setting up Mercedes Me in maps but that doesn't work either. It was working fine up until few weeks ago. I would be grateful for...
  2. L

    Invalid Email Address

    I use Hotmail (yes, I know) and have been getting a lot of junk mail. When I go to block some of these emails, I get a message 'Invalid Email Address' . My question- how does email arrive with me from an invalid email address? If I use an incorrect email address, I cannot send the email. How do...
  3. Braincrank

    Change of address info please

    Hello all ! So we found a place and are moving in two weeks (-: I just had a look on the dvla website but can't seem to find any info about changing address .... Any info would be great (-: Thanks
  4. I

    MB address book

    I wonder if anyone has a fix for the way MB order imported contacts from IPhone ? I have them on the Iphone so I can look them up by their first name as they are displayed, when the come into the command they are ordered by last name so it's a pain to search i this reverse order. i would...
  5. N

    Automatic FF update - lost Address bar, back & forward buttons + more.

    After what I assume is an automatic Firefox update the URL / address bar has vanished leaving me with only the search engine bar showing. Tried clicking on the customise button, looked in Mozillazine, tried System Restore (which won't work) & still no address bar. Also missing are back &...
  6. emma9403

    Settings contacts up in address book?

    Any one know how to do this? You can see in my pic my head unit. I have a I phone 4s and they don't send business cards etc. any ideas?
  7. D

    2009 c class Bluetooth address book issues.

    I have recently bought a 2009 C Class estate and was told by the salesman that the Bluetooth telephony system would not load my address book from my iPhone to the vehicle, any ideas guys?
  8. ioweddie

    can anyone get scammed by revealing their e-mail address only

    As Title, Can I get scammed by anyone who has my email address only? I know they can send stuff, but if its not opened can they still access my pc? Thanks Eddie
  9. D

    Telematics - send address to sat nav

    Hi all, I've searched as much as I can, but I can't find any info. In have a 2014 E63, and on google maps you can choose to "send" a location to a Mercedes. My last 2 cheap BMW 3 series cars had this free for 3 years as part of the inbuilt telematics system (inbuilt GSM module). I know the...
  10. N

    Contacts in Command Address Book

    Hi, After receiving my new CLA 220, I paired my Android Note 3 with the bluetooth, all my contacts appeared in the command system address book, however they are listed Surname, First Name & I want them the other way round as it is on my mobile, iPad & PC Any help would be appreciated as my...
  11. baxlin

    BT Yahoo email ([email protected] address)

    Anyone else suffering from the change in BT email provider from BT-Yahoo to BT-Com? It used to be so easy to access emails, now I have to sign into one page, which sends me to a second log-in page, and if I'm lucky, and as often as not I'm NOT lucky, it sends me to my inbox. (got into a loop...
  12. A

    pairing and downloading address book to Command / iphone 4

    Hello My new car has Command (ML164) and Viseoo kit? I've managed to pair the phone to the car, but can I download the address book to the car so I can use the steering wheel controls. I am being incredibly lazy as it may even mention it in the book but that's in the car and I'm inside...
  13. developer

    Missing IP Address

    My lad's desktop can't access the internet - it appears his IP address is no longer valid. We have one SKY router and use Homeplugs to gain internet connections to various PC's around the house. His PC has worked fine for years now, however, on start up a package called PC Performance (or...
  14. developer

    Anyone got a PM address for Erortattawl

    He's been a bit quiet lately :D.
  15. sinewave

    American Address Translation?

    The ongoing Saga in obtaining replacement caliper seals for my AMG calipers has resulted in me having to order from the good ole USA. Ridiculous as it may seem they will not ship abroad! :mad: Upshot is I've had to register with a third party forwarding carrier who have issued me with a...
  16. I

    Anyone got AMG email address?

    I wonder if anyone can help. I'm currently looking at a G55AMG offered by a dealer. The dealer has given me the VIN which I've had checked. It shows the 2001 registered wagen as a G500 MY2000. There is no AMG or HWA reference anywhere on the datacard. I've had some pictures which...
  17. Benzster

    Command address book says full

    For reasons lost on myself and despite deleting 18+ addresses, my Command Unit insists that the memory is full or the address is already in use when I attempt to add a new one. (The conforunded addresses I am trying to input have never been inputted by me before). I have tried removing and...
  18. brucemillar

    Company Director Address - Advice Please

    Folks I had reason to look for a company/Directors name on the Internet. When I did a search it came back with the Directors address listed as my address (he used to live here years ago. The company(s) are still trading and listed as such. Should I have any concerns about the address?
  19. K

    Address book

    Hi Have a 2009 C200 estate diesel no command just the flip top screen How do I delete the telephone address book other than one by one any help would be great thanks Kevin
  20. mercmanuk

    hide your IP address

    does anyone use a programme to hide your genuine ip address while on the net.a friend has just had a lot of bother because someone has been using his ip address on dodgy internet sites,took him 3 weeks to sort everything out. would running a prog to hide the ip address work
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