1. D

    using non bt email addresses through bt broadband

    I've kept the same email address for ages (old freeserve one). I've used several ISP over the years and simply altered the smtp for the new provider to allow me to send mail. I've just signed up with BT and I can't get this to work. I did, I managed to get one mail out but I didn't realise the...
  2. Merc Owner 2B

    Council Tax - Previous addresses

    Person A lives alone and is in receipt of a 25% council tax discount. Person B is moving in temporarily and so person A wants to declare this to the council and realises they'll lose their 25% discount during the temporary occupancy. All above oard. Person B is being asked by the council for...
  3. crockers

    I. P. Addresses

    Simple question for the experts, can two people using virgin cable, from different parts of the same city, have the same IP address?
  4. D

    HELP NEEDED - Email addresses required of senior Mercedes Benze staff

    I did own a C220 CDI Sport - I brought it (brand new) end of October and it broke down in Jan; still not fixed and we are almost in April. I want my money back as the car is a complete nightmare and I feel I have been sold a vehicle that is not fit for the purpose of sale. Injector problems once...
  5. WLeg

    Exchange reply addresses help !

    Got an interesting (if you’re an anorak) problem with Exchange 2003 SP2.... Let’s say you have a user with 2 email addresses [email protected] and [email protected] - both email domains hosted on the same Exchange Server, connected directly. Exchange gives a user a default reply address – in this...
  6. marc777

    5th Gear article - DVLA providing names and addresses?

    I saw an article on 5th Gear last night that suggested that for a modest £2.50 and completion of a form, it was possible to get the name and address of the Registered Keeper of a car, just from the number plate. Is this really true? The article stated that the interested party had to have...
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