1. tron

    W124 ELR adjuster.

    Where can it be found on a RHD 1996 E300D, Please? darned if I can see it!
  2. J

    W124 Headlight adjuster Leak?

    I am finally getting on track with my car and after curing a few issue i noticed a hissing sound coming from the dash :dk: Turned out it was coming from the headlight adjuster. Now i have had this dash apart a few times but so had somebody before me :eek: I have had those lines off and put...
  3. N

    The black/chrome plastic vent adjuster - same on which models?

    Hi, The black/chrome plastic vent adjuster (top part of two parts) on one of my front vents on my W164 ML320 CDI 2007 has gone missing. There are two parts that click together to form the adjuster - had to glue the other side to stop it coming apart. Seem the vents are quite expensive &...
  4. H

    2012 W204 C180 (M271) cam adjuster @ 39K ??

    Hello, newbie here, have recently purchased a 2012 C Class C180 Coupe, full MB service history. At 39700 miles engine light appears on dash, fault code P0340 Camshaft position sensor. Diagnostics narrowed down to intake side - sensor duly replaced fault code cleared - approx 100 miles later...
  5. D

    CLK W208 Seat Height Adjuster - Fallen Off!

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone can help? You know the knurled plastic knob which fits on the right hand side of the seat to be able to adjust seat height? Mine has fallen off, so my seat is permanently in the "down low" position. Usually you can adjust it to support more behind the knees...
  6. M

    1999 clk430 parking brake adjuster ( Help )!

    Hi there all , In the middle of fitting new parking brakes shoes to my clk 430 and came across a little problem. Could anyone tell me where the self adjuster is located ? Many thanks
  7. Alps

    Anyone replaced a Headlamp range adjuster on a w211 ?

    as per title, any tips? i know it plugs inside the headlight, and twists off, but how much of a mission is it to get a replacement clipped back in?
  8. M

    R129 500sl headlight adjuster

    I'm in need of advice. I have a 93 500sl and te n/a headlight adjustment fails as it seems there's a clip on the bottom that's suppose to lock the light in place but it's broken and headlight swings upwards. Does anyone know where to get a replacement clip as apparently they break often and a...
  9. Somebody

    'support joint' caster adjuster C126

    There is this weird ball joint/radius arm end joint type thing, I don't even know what to call it, on the C126 front suspension. Its used to adjust caster. You can see it on this screenshot attached, marked as 48. They just call it a 'support joint', which is not much help. Does anybody know...
  10. B

    M104.980 camshaft adjuster wiring

    This connector has broken plastic and therefore can be wired either way round. Is this the correct way? Thought I'd make sure before I seal that oil leak.
  11. D

    W220 S500 park brake adjuster

    Hi, Recently bought a 2000 S500 which has had new discs/pads all round and rear park brake shoes fitted but I have no park brake, the pedal goes all the way to the floor. I've checked the rear shoes and adjustment all ok and the cable pulls the adjuster at the rear forward . Is there any way...
  12. W

    W208 320 handbrake adjuster

    Hi, I am trying to take my rear discs off but can't find the cog to back the shoes off, any advice greatly appreciated? Will
  13. nickid

    Camshaft adjuster problem

    Camshaft adjuster problem I have been getting a brrrr sound for a split second when I rev the engine and it makes the same sound when the revs go down for a split second. ive been told its the camshaft adjuster is bad. this is how do I fix it? all help needed please 02 230k coupe
  14. G

    W203 Partial Electric Seat Tilt Adjuster

    Hi newbie here but I've been here for over a year thanks to google, great informative site I will say. Now I need to ask something I can't seem to find so hello everyone. On my 53 plate w203 220CDi Estate drivers seat I have the star wheel to adjust the upward tilt of the seat, I can adjust...
  15. J

    Kickdown Switch Adjuster

    Hi Guys & Gals 2004 W163 ML270CDi After losing kickdown, decided to remove & stripdown the switch for investigation. Before removing it I noticed the 'V' guide lugs on top of switch where out of line with rear of accelerator pedal preventing proper action. Removed switch assy from floor & found...
  16. proser

    Front adjuster bolts - camber

    Looking for some advice : Front adjuster bolts for the camber on a W210; how do you set them to the middle position with the washers in place ??
  17. sportedition

    A Class Drivers Seat Height Adjuster Handle

    A Class drivers seat height adjuster handle. As anyone with an A Class will know the drivers seat height adjuster handle breaks very easily. I bought this to replace the broken one on my car but have sold it before getting around to it. I bought it from Mercedes dealer and the part number is...
  18. C

    W210 W202 W208 Mirror Adjuster & Comand knob

    Hi, I'm hoping someone here will have some old parts that are collecting dust and perhaps could make a few quid out of them.... The "turret" is missing from the adjuster for rear view mirror control.... the new replacement unit is £100's and considering someone here MAY have replaced a...
  19. L

    w203 wing mirror adjuster motor

    to fit w203 C Class. No idea what it's worth, but it's spare, so make me an offer. Louis
  20. whitenemesis

    Xenon Range Adjuster

    Just perusing EPC (as one does :rolleyes: ) and saw this listed as part of the xenon headlamp for a 203.. A1298002475 - Element, light range adjuster (left) £43.89 Would this be the auto lamp leveling motor? If so it would suggest xenons can be repaired if/when the level motors fail...
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