1. M271

    Mercedes M271 Kompressor Engine Timing Chain Adjusters Alternative

    Hi All Thought people might like to know that there is a cheaper solution to the camshaft timing adjusting gears problem on the M271 engine than replacing with OEM gears at almost £500 per gear now. I specialize in repairing these engines and it was always a factor of cost to repair or...
  2. holbay

    Headlight adjusters

    Hey guys just noticed lastnight whem i fitted new headlight bulbs that my headlight adjuster dont work it is stuck in the low position. The little wheel rolls but no effect. Is there a common fault with these.....George.
  3. vijilants

    For sale - w202 xenon headlamp range adjusters

    Folks, I have for sale two W202 Xenon electric headlamp range adjusters (used). These are the units that fit onto the back of the headlamps and automatically adjust the headlamp height. If you have Xenons they are worth keeeping as spares as they are usually sold on ebay or breakers complete...
  4. m2287

    camber adjusters

    So on my lowered w215 CL, when I put my ABC on the lowest setting, my tyres are running alot of camber. They wear out pretty quick on the inner edge. You cant adjust the camber on the rear wheels and the only camber adjusters I can find are : MB Arts - Adjustable Rear Camber Arms (W215) Is...
  5. peteubhi

    mercedes w210 camper adjusters

    Hi i drive an 2000 E240 with original 18" AMG alloys. recently i have had the front wheels alligned and was told that the camper (i think thats what they are called) bolts needed replacing so they can be adjusted, however my mechanic has told me that there are no adjuster bolts on the front of...
  6. kevinofengland

    slk roof, mirror adjusters ,cig lighter prob

    SLK 230 2001 model I notice the roof mechanism, the interior control for the door mirrors and the cigarette lighter are not working. The flashing switch for the roof control is not flashing as before. The car went in and had a sensor fitted for the traction control and worked perfectly well...
  7. D

    Loss Adjusters

    Any Loss Adjusters on the forum??? No.. I'm not planning an insurance fraud. :ban:... Just looking for a job in that area and was wandering if anyone can give me an overview on the job. I have read various overviews on the internet but would like a more detailed description if anyone can...
  8. Pietre

    Headlamp Beam Adjusters

    I am off to France at the end of the month. Does anyone know of a stick on beam adjuster for the W210 E Class headlamps. Any advice will be welcome.
  9. M

    my head lamp adjusters don’t work

    Hi, I was checking my head lamp switch the other day to see if it is illuminated and found it isn’t. I then found out that my head lamp adjusters don’t work. Any one got any ideas how to or what to check to find out why? :confused: i have never checked them befor so dont know if they have...
  10. splang

    w02 seat belt adjusters

    Hi all, hope everyone is well... My new w203 hqas a rattle from the seatbelt adjuster area , quite annoying . My mb dealer will do it for me for free (of course) , but i am just wondering if this will be a reoccuring problem? Cheers Steve :bannana:
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