1. ukmike

    Parking brake adjusting cost.

    Got an MOT booked next week & think it might fail on the parking brake.what's the rough cost to adjust it?W204 C220 coupe.
  2. lfckeeper

    Adjusting track rods to straighten steering wheel

    Hi all My understanding is that after a wheel alignment, if the steering wheel is not straight, adjusting the track rods by the same amount both sides will straighten the steering wheel (so long as its on tarmac not on turning plates on the alignment machine) Is this definitely correct...
  3. N

    Driving test tomorrow, ? on adjusting NS door mirror for reversing around corner.

    My son has his driving test tomorrow around noon. When doing the reversing around a corner manoeuvre he has been adjusting the NS door mirror so that he can see the kerb. Today he had a professional driving lesson & matey told him he couldn't do that. Seems odd in light of the way many cars...
  4. C

    124 coupe/cabriolet - adjusting door windows

    The glass in both my doors comes too high: if I close the windows, then lower them slightly, all is fine. They seem correct in "tilt" and in how far out from the door seals they are. The top and rear edges are nicely parallel with their respective rubber seals. I've read up what I can...
  5. BigChap

    Command flickering on/off and not adjusting

    As title really, command screen has started flickering on/off and the two buttons at the bottom don't work a lot of the time, screen adjust and a phone function. Anyone had this before? It's in a c63 2010 if that matters Mark
  6. R

    Adjusting washer jets on 2012 C63?

    Do I need a special tool to adjust the washer jets on the c63 which are currently aimed below the wipers? Each jet has two slots. What was wrong with the traditional pin hole jets Mercedes!
  7. M

    Adjusting w219 headlights for driving in europe

    Heading across europe in the summer in my cls. I know for France especially i need to sort the headlights out. The headlights are a unique shape are there specific stickers to adjust the beam pattern or how can i do it?
  8. S

    2004 W209 Adjusting Lights For Trip To Continental Europe

    Greetings folks. Since short time I am an owner of W209, and I love it ! But now ahead of me is few months trip to continental Europe where I will have to drive on the right hand side. Therefore I would like to adjust the headlights so they don't blind the upcoming traffic. As my trip...
  9. S

    Adjusting an auto box on w123 diesel

    My 240td (1981 with 120k kms from new) has some auto box problems. It changes quickly from first to second and in third will suddenly change down and over-rev. Fluid levels are OK and fluid is clean. How do I fix this? thanks
  10. furlong19

    w211 wing mirror not adjusting left or right

    having a problem with my 2006 w211 drivers side powerfold mirror. i can adjust the glass up and down, aswell as fold it in and out, but there is not movement left or right. took the glass and the motor out and couldn't see any obvious wiring problems. wondered if anyone could point me in the...
  11. B

    Adjusting lights for use on continent

    Hi guys, just off to France for a skiing holiday, and I was sure that the E-Class would have an adjustment to change the headlight deflection, but on checking the owners manual, it says I have to take it to an authorised dealer. So can anybody enlighten me, is there a switch, and is it easy...
  12. C

    W246 Adjusting the permanent multifunction display

    Hello, My first post. Sorry if this is the wrong forum. I have a new W246 B180 CDI Sport. I'll list below the options that are on it's datasheet. Can anyone tell me how to change the permanent multifunction display? i.e. this one: The above photo is not my car (it's one I found on...
  13. Kris-H

    Adjusting W210 headlamps for driving in France

    Is there a way to adjust the headlamps on a 2001 W210 for driving on the right hand side of the road in France or do I need to use stick on beam deflectors ? :dk: Thanks !!
  14. baxlin

    Adjusting windscreen washers

    I had to use the screen washers for the first time today, and they are set far too low, hardly hitting the screen. On previous cars, it's been a simple job to adjust with a pin, but these seem to spray in a fan shape, and the jets aren't easily get-attable, it seems. The car is a new C220...
  15. simon1966

    Adjusting S211 E Class Estate Tailgate Hinges

    Hi All Does anyone know if there is a method of adjusting the tailgate hinges on S211 Estate? The tailgate on my car never seemed to sit right in the body opening when closed. I did a bit of adjustment myself where the actual hinges bolt onto the tailgate which made it a bit better but...
  16. trainer

    Xenon headlights not adjusting level

    Hi, I turned left sharply earlier today and hear a loud clunk. There were no feelings of instability afterwards and no loud noises. However this evening the Xenon lights did not level when I switched them on and remained on a 'short' beam. Any ideas
  17. developer

    Adjusting Airmatic via STAR

    I'd always felt the car sat a little high at the front even when on Sport II setting. Yesterday I went to see Acid at MSL and he lowered it via STAR. The difference is subtle, but I feel it looks more purposeful than before. It's very strange to see someone push buttons...

    Adjusting vacuum for soother autoshift

    Hi again folks, I have sorted out the banging noise from the rear end when it shifted. The subframe mount on the drivers side nearest the door had disappeared! The shift from 2>3 and 3>4 is quite aggressive while under load, if you ease of the throttle its smooth. I have removed and cleaned...
  19. V

    Adjusting R Class headlamps

    Hi All, I've just remembered that I need to adjust my lights for European driving and I'm away on Monday. How easy it it to alter the beams on an R Class from RHD to LHD? (and back of course)
  20. Piff

    Adjusting browser settings

    Have now fitted my new hard disk and am half way through reinstalling software. My preferred browser is Firefox so that has been downloaded and told during installation process (I thought) that it is to be default browser. In addition to personal e-mail account (hotmail) I have a paid for...
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