1. A

    Mercedes washer jet adjustment tool

    Hi, Does anybody know where I can obtain a Mercedes washer jet adjustment tool like the one shown in this picture? Alternatively, is it possible to adjust the washer jets using an ordinary pin? Thanks,
  2. PhilLinda

    Rear bumper alignment adjustment

    I've recently purchase a C class coupé (C204) and noticed that the OSR bumper doesn't quite align underneath the rear light correctly. The light sticks out by a few mm. I took off the light and the bumper seems to be attached correctly to the mounting and there's no obvious adjustment. Does...
  3. C

    W204 2013 C Class Seat cushion angle adjustment

    The passenger side wheel adjuster works well but the car I've just bought the drivers seems to be either really tight or stuck/broken? any suggestions only bought it Friday :(
  4. D

    Vito W638 Handbrake adjustment

    Hello, I have to yoik the handbrake right up to the top to get it to work - if it's one click below it rolls. MoTs due in a month... from what I've read if it's going right to the top like mine I need to adjust the cable as opposed to the wheel cogs. Is that right? I have a new cable that could...
  5. S

    parking brake adjustment

    Hi, I have a 2002 C200K Coupe and the parking brake needs adjusting When I pull the lever to release the brake, the pedal doesn't rise all the way up, this in turn leaves the light on the dash lit, which in turn start a very loud alarm as I drive off. As I pull the release lever , I have...
  6. FateSynchro

    Video in motion / Mercedes ME / European light adjustment

    Guys, As per the title can anyone shed some light on how to get Mercedes ME to work with the unlock and start things ive downloaded the app but it wont let me activate it, shall i just pop into Merc dealer and set it up? Also how do i enable Video in motion and how do i adjust my lights for...
  7. B

    E Class Passenger Seat adjustment with rear seat folded

    There is a 'feature' which drives the passenger seat forward when the rear seat is folded in the W211 T . But this stops you moving the passenger front seat back and forth. I have tried re-setting the adjustment (Position 2 on ignition and push seat adjuster forward hold for 3 seconds then push...
  8. V

    Parking Brake Adjustment

    Hey guys, the foot parking brake on my 2011 W204 is poor it won't hold the car without a hell of alot of force. I removed the rear wheels​ and discs for inspection adjusted each side fine. But it looks like it's the cable that has stretched is there anyway of taking up the slack in the cable or...
  9. N

    S212 Tailgate Adjustment

    Hi Everyone Does anyone know how to adjust the tailgate hatch on an S212 E Class Estate. I am no expert but I think the nearside is auto closing a bit too tight. Any help appreciated. TIA Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  10. S

    W212 Headlamp Adjustment

    Hello. My 2010 W212 saloon E350CDI appears to have the dipped beam set too high; judging by the number of drivers who flash me. The car is fitted with Adaptive Highbeam Assist which automatically recognises oncoming lights and dips the main beam into dipped beam mode. The system is working in...
  11. J

    Windscreen washer jet adjustment tool

    Evening folks, the search function disappears just as I bring it up so apologies if this is covered elsewhere. So, the windscreen wash jets on my 14 plate 220 are adjusted way too low, even when stationary. just figured out today that there is a tool for adjusting these. Anyone know if this...
  12. R

    Headlamp adjustment W212

    I have a 2014 W212 with the HID dims and halogen full lights. the fulls are shining too much to the right of centre. I can see the up down adjustment but have no idea where to find the left right adjuster for the high beams. Appreciate if somebody would point me in the right direction...
  13. anfieldassasin

    300ce mixture adjustment

    Hi guys i want to adjust the idle mixture on my car, smells as though it's running a little rich. It's an 88 300ce. I'm a little confused though, the car has no O2 sensors that I can see. It has the diagnostic port with pins 2 and 3 that people use to adjust duty cycle but I also have a...
  14. X

    W204.9 2011 xenons adjustment to European beam

    Hi (Noob here) I have RHD W204.9 (2011 facelift estate model) with xenon lamps. From what I can find online I should be able to change the lamps from UK to European beam. How do I do that? Through the computer or is there a lever which I need to switch manually? Any help will be...
  15. Dave Richardson

    Headlamp adjustment problems

    With the onset of darker evenings I 'd just found out that I need to raise the cars headlamps, they seem to be so low down & when I turn the adjustment wheel nothing seems to happen. All vacuum pipes appear to be connected & in good order & the adjustment wheel moves easily & clicks when turned...
  16. brucemillar

    124 Sun Roof adjustment

    Friends Can anybody advise how to adjust the height of the leading edge on the factory fit sunroof please. It sits just slightly lower than the roof at the leading edge but is level at the rear. I only noticed as I had to fit a new wind deflector (this I do not believe is the issue) but may...
  17. S

    E class coupe, parking brake adjustment help

    Hi all This is my first post :) I read a lot of posts on here and have tried searching for the answer to my question. I am after a little help to try and sort my parking brake. I have already adjusted the shoes at the rear wheels but the cable also needs adjusting. At present it is...
  18. BIG_G_1979

    w211 e280cdi sport front shock adjustment

    Hi guys I need some advice on my car I can raise and lower the car by approx 10mm by moving the cup the spring sits on up or down the shock. I have proven that if the cup is at its lowest position (and therefore the spring at its longest) the car sits lower. The question is if I move the cup to...
  19. J

    350SL Handbrake Adjustment

    Hi I have a R107 350SL with a handbrake. I seem to be getting conflicting advice on how to adjust the handbrake. Can any 350 owners help? Thank you
  20. Lenny63

    w208 handbrake adjustment

    Hi Am I right in thinking that the adjustment is rear wheels and mechanism under rear seat is untouched ?
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