1. Mr Fixit

    can't access project page Forum;- ADMIN

    don't know why but would like to!
  2. S

    Admin Contact - Forum Trader

    Hi can a member of forum ADMIN contact us regarding becoming a forum Trader. Email - [email protected] Phone - 01603 901 820 Kind Regards Gary @ SNT
  3. wheels-inmotion


    Please help... I posted a meet invitation thread that seems to have been deleted. If this overstepped the mark and was removed then fine, all i ask is why so i don't overstep again?
  4. stwat

    Happy New Year From All Mods and Admin over on

    I would like to wish a Very Happy New Year to all here on behalf of the Administration and Moderation team over on Also a big thumbs up to the fantastic Admin and Mod team here on MBClub UK. May all your wishes and dreams be granted:bannana::thumb::bannana::thumb: Stu
  5. B

    Are there any admin about please

    If so hi, im trying to leave a post in the for sale section, a reply to killerherz, but it wont let me, i have 30 posts, could someone tell me why please Thankyou Brent
  6. C240Sport97

    Admin charge from insurance broker re:number plate change

    Having succumb to a private plate, I called A Plan today to tell them that the registration number on my Boxster had been changed to the private plate. Lady on the phone wanted to charge £15.75 admin fee. I asked to speak to manager (who I know quite well). Phone on music for 15 seconds. She...
  7. R

    Membership Number Admin Help

    I have just renewed my insurance with adrian flux, at a good rate They want a membership no of this club.All i can find is my profile which i will print and send.Have i got a membership number?? Admin can you find it for me and advise please???
  8. NormanB

    XP Admin password

    I set up my daughters machine 6 months ago (XP(Pro) and set a admin password (for me) and a user account for her. She bought 'The SIMS today' and I need to access the system to load the game but yes - you guessed it I have forgotton my password! HELP! She is chomping at the bit and I am not...
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