1. Indigo

    SL 129 ADS suspension buying advice

    Hi, I'm going to view a 2000MY SL500 with a view to buying it The car has been in storage for a few years and needs cosmetic work On paper it's my dream 129 due to its colour and high spec However, on the photos I've been sent its got ADS suspension which I'd rather it didn't have On...
  2. P

    Calling all ADS and hydraulic suspension gurus

    Hi all, One for the technically minded out there. Issue driving me slightly nuts on my 1998 SL600. Im slowly rebuilding what I can on the car (documented on another thread) and have recently had the rear lower arms off for new outer ball joints and to check ADS2 struts, rear ARB, ARB...
  3. H

    1996 R129 SL600 ADS suspension query

    Hello. I raised the car on a scissor lift (all wheels hanging free) but forgot to press the Lock button on the hydraulic ADS before doing so. Just wondering if I am going to cause problems with the ride height sensors etc by forgetting to Lock the suspension in place first? Any procedure I need...
  4. horgantrevor

    Advice on ads shocks w210

    I I'm looking for a link to any company or seller of w210 estate ADS suspension I'm looking for drivers front shock but I think I'll change both if I can get them with out going to main dealer
  5. brucemillar

    Selling Gumtree, eBay, Free ads etc. Be crareful.

    This is not a new style of crime, but seems to be making a sad comeback. Be very careful out there when buying (with cash) or selling. You really have no idea who is going to turn up. Sadly in this instance understandable anger has understandable anger has led to this young man losing his...
  6. P

    SL600 ADS query (not problem - I hope!)

    Hi everyone, Have just taken the plunge and purchased a 1999 SL600 Sport....I am a sucker for punishment and the V12 lure was too strong for me! The history on the car was great, 2 owners only...always main dealer serviced and cherished etc. It is a wonderful machine, the engine is simply a...
  7. L

    sl 320 ads warning light

    Hello everyone, Getting confused abour my 1998 sl320 (v6 model) Abs & Ads lights were coming on intermittently - local MB garage detected faulty multi-hydraulic suspension valve. Since this was expensive and the car had just been on blocks for one month ( Wheel refurbishment) I decided to...
  8. P

    W210 E36 AMG rear bumper, rear end, ads shocks, exhaust

    All from a 99k car. 4x ads shocks - £100 AMG rear bumper - £50 AMG mid and rear exhaust sections - £200 Subframe with diff - £100 4 speed Autobox - £150
  9. D

    Sl500 ads

    Hi all I'm a forum newbie so please be kind! Just bought a 93 SL500 with 18K on the clock! trouble is the ADS lamp intermittently comes on and the suspension then defaults to "rock hard" it usually resets if the car is left for an hour or so. Any ideas? and can anybody recommend an indie...
  10. X

    Can i upgrade my springs

    I have a 1996 sl600, it has the ADS, the springs need changing, so would there be any advantage/ dis advantage of getting H and R, Eibach etc springs instead of oem?:dk:
  11. D come to the rescue against private ads policy change

    Gumtree | Free classified ads from the #1 classifieds site in the UK as usual shooting themselves in the foot since being purchased by ebay, trying to suck the blood of private advertising if u adertise more than 2 cars per annum u will be charged £15 for subsequent ads. Used Cars For Sale at...
  12. R

    W140 rear ADS STRUT part number

    Hi, Can anyone help me with the correct part number for the rear W140 ADS strut. Also can anyone explain to me whether the strut used on vehicles with only ADS is the same or different from the one used on vehicles which have both SLS and ADS. My car is a W140 s320 with ADS. regards
  13. T

    500SL with with ADS - what oil is in the resevoir?

    Hi, I've just serviced my 500SL and when I checked the oil resevoir level of my Adaptive Damping system (the resevoir underneath the spare wheel) I saw that it is a good way below minimum. Can anyone tell me what oil is used to top it up? many thanks, Tal
  14. KNU7S

    Getting my KNU7S back on the raod R129 ADS Adaptive Damping System problem?

    We have not used the SL for 5 years it has been mainly stored in a dry garage until 12 months ago when it was moved to our new house where we don't have a garage. I always start it every few months and get it nice and warm and move it about a bit. I have decided to start using it again for...
  15. toolman1954

    101 Shockingly Sexist Vintage Ads

    So, I was perusing the pages of the Sydney Herald and came across a link for this, "101 Shockingly Sexist Ads" however I think the word " shockingly " is a bit extreme but no less here they are :- TheVine - 101 Shockingly Sexist Vintage Ads - Life & pop culture, untangled Many of these...
  16. Peter T

    Quit Kit Ads

    Just been browsing through a number of threads. On a high percentage of the ones I looked at, the ad that came up next to the first post was the one for the smoking quit kits. I just wonder about the logic of showing some of the most desireable cars in the world next to a malignant tumor?
  17. B

    rear suspension with ads

    my car is a w210 e55 1998 saloon with ads , can anyone explain why suddenly rear suspension should no longer be sitting level , nsr is now raised about 15/20 higher which is forcing osf down . i suspect either the ads or the hydrallic rear shock are at fault but how do i work out which part is...
  18. The _Don

    Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe Black Series Print Ads

    Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe Black Series Print Ads Photo Gallery (Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe Black Series Print Ad) | eMercedesBenz
  19. DSM10000

    Pagid discs and [ads, any opinions?

    The front discs on my W203 320 are very worn and although the pads are in good order I will replace both. The rear pads are worn as well although the disc is OK with hardly any scoring or wear. Looking on Eurocarparts today there is a 30% discount on brake parts (not including wear sensors...
  20. jonclemett

    R129 ads 500sl

    Searching underneath my '92 500 to try and find the source of a problem with my ADS I noticed a plastic lever arm switch under the rear axle, there is a couple of inches movement and I can feel a click when I move it up and down - does anyone know what this does?, is it part of the ADS?
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