1. M

    2 routers on same ADSL connection

    Hi all I have a home network with a vigor router which is set up with a vpn tunnel to my office which works fine. I want to acess certain geoblocked US audio streaming services such as rdio or slacker and also video such as hulu and netflix. I can access the US geo blocked sites ok from...
  2. Gollom


    Changed to cable, hence sale. Includes filters and I am asking £25 including postage
  3. S

    Recommend me an ADSL supplier (or tell me which to avoid)

    Following a house move I find myself needing a new broadband connection. Since the previous occupants of my house seem not to have bothered cancelling their ADSL service, my phone line is still "tagged", preventing me from signing up with anyone until the "tag" is removed by BT Wholesale. This...
  4. A

    EDIMAX wired ADSL modem/router

  5. GrahamC230K

    ADSL MAX - up to 8mb

    I hope you have all requested BT to regrade your ADSL lines or are pestering your ISPs to do so. Some of the good ISPs are doing this automatically, but BT customers just need to request this. I have gone from 1mb to well over 4, no increse in price.
  6. BTB 500

    ADSL modem / wireless router question

    I have a nice new Belkin F5D7633uk4A ADSL2+ modem / wireless router. Reading through the setup instructions last night, it needs to be connected (by supplied Ethernet cable) to a PC in order to configure it. Fine so far. My question is, can I then disconnect it (to move it to another room)...
  7. GrahamC230K

    IT: Linksys WAG54G ADSL Router for Sale

    Linksys WAG54G v1.2. Wireless ADSL Modem/Router. They don't get a very good write up to be honest, but the firmware it's running seems to be stable enough and served me well enough. 802.11b/g. Supports WEP/WPA encryprion. Lock wireless down by MAC address. 4 ethernet ports...
  8. A

    ADSL wireless modem/router

    Just treated myself to a laptop and was wondering what recommendations you guys have with a view to setting up a wireless internet connection. I have a PC upstairs and will be using the laptop downstairs. PC already has a wireless network card. (not in use at the moment) Seen some Netgear...
  9. Tan

    ADSL Wireless Router

    Hi I need to buy a new ADSL router, ideally I would like one with a built in USB print server. I know that D-Link do one, but its not ADSL and by the time you add the modem works out quite expensive. If I have no luck with a print server one then am looking at the Netgear DG834GT, anyone...
  10. T

    BT Voyager ADSL Router

    A friend helped me install his old Netgear router to my PC, after I had signed up for BT Broadband. So I have this brand-new-in-box router to sell. Pack contains BT Voyager 205 ADSL router 2 microfilters Power adaptor Line cord Ethernet cord USB cable The box says it connnects to...
  11. BaldGuy

    ADSL Providers

    Advice please guys.... I have been with Pipex for 3 years now and it has only just been upgraded to 1.1mb.... The service is awful and I want a change... I'm looking for unlimited everything to include connection and a modem for around £25 per month.... Any ideas?????
  12. guydewdney

    Anyone to set up Cisco router / adsl wic?

    got a cisco router i was given :rock: , with driver CD and control cable and adsl wic. all brand new and not 'off a lorry' ;) totally OTT for home BB - but hey, its free... :) :bannana: But - i have nooooo idea on how to set it up - anyone fancy pickign it up and setting it up to act as...
  13. jukie

    Home ADSL: wired to wireless - again!

    OK, I know it' been asked before. I've been through the previous threads on this subject and sadly am none the wiser! Sorry!! :( :o I currently have a simple 1Mb ADSL link to a desktop via a USB ADSL modem. I am considering going wieless and replacing the desktop with a laptop, just so I...
  14. Kinky

    1mb ADSL Update

    As promised, BT upgraded my ADSL from 512k to 1mb today :rock: I must confess it's not a noticable difference. I ran some tests to check, it was all working, which all look pretty good - results as follows: Direction: Downstream Actual Speed: 937 Kbps (117.1 KB/sec) True Speed...
  15. GrahamC230K

    BT remove 512kb ADSL distance restrictions

    Thanks to Sym for this tip off.....but I don't think he realised how big a news this is for me!!! If you have suffered with having an ADSL enabled exchange, but living on a cable run more than 6KM from the Exchange, hence not qualifying, think again From September...
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