1. Palfrem

    V8 itch - 1 adult please

    Took it down the M6 Toll Road this afternoon. I have only just stopped smiling God alone knows what the CL55 is like. Have to travel to Chorley in the morning - more Toll Rd perhaps?
  2. kbhogalW126

    2 Adult and 4 childrens VIP tickets for Brands Hatch BTCC on Sunday

    I will have 2 adult and 4 children's VIP tickets in my possession on Saturday Afternoon. If anyone is interested, I don't know what these things are worth, make me an offer via a PM. I was going to go myself but something else has come up. I can meet about 6pm tomorrow (saturday) in the...
  3. glojo

    Adult and baby Woodpeckers

    Sorry about the quality of picture, but once again it is taken through the glass of the patio door. Regards, John
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