1. MWCLS

    Advanced Dual Action Machine Polisher 6 speed settings 2500opm- 6800opm

    Purchased from Clean your car around 18 months ago. Used twice. Machine with 6 metre cable 6" and 5" backing plates comes with carrying case. £70.00 maybe collection from IG Essex area or post at buyers cost. Link to machine on CYC Web this is the same machine...
  2. bob6600

    Halfords Advanced 3 Tonne Ratchet Axle Stands £14

    Less than half price, just ordered a set even though I don't need them :thumb: CLICKY
  3. developer

    Institute Of Advanced Motorists - A Member?

    I wondered who has passed the test/got the T Shirt (sorry, badge).
  4. ItalianTuneUp

    Advanced driving course pass: cheaper insurance?

    I took this course a long time ago and failed it on a technicality, which unfortunately was an important fault, so the instructor had to fail me. Does anyone here know if passing this test leads to (significantly) cheaper insurance?
  5. 219

    Advanced Commentary Driving

    I have been hanging out lately on some Advanced Driving forums : Pistonheads Advanced Driving forum and ADUK , starting to again take an interest in this having been away from it for over 20 years . Some of the guys over on the Pistonheads forum have started posting up videos of themselves...
  6. loveday

    Help needed with advanced parking guidance

    Can someone let me know how to switch on the parktronic advanced parking guidance as when I slow down and reverse into a parking space my dial clocks do not look like anything in the attached picture.
  7. grober

    Cclass Advanced Agility Package- the low down.

    Post really a question on the latest C class ADVANCED AGILITY PACKAGE. There's very little real world info out there about the effectiveness of this extra cost technology. [ £500] Many people are confused about Mercedes terminology in this area- I am not referring to the standard fit AGILITY...
  8. ringway

    Bargain! Halfords Advanced Professional 120pc Socket Set £76.49?

    I've had one of these socket sets for years and without doubt, it's one of the best things I've ever bought. The socket set comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. The Halfords Header page states a price of £76.49. LINK. Upon clicking through to the product description page, the price changes...
  9. B

    W202 C250D running too far advanced

    When you start it from cold it is fine, then at 60 degrees C suddenly there is a clonk from the injection pump and it suddenly runs real rough and smokey. Gets a bit better as it warms up. But really knocks over 3000rpm I can only assume something is throwing the timing out. I can't really see...
  10. JumboBeef

    Advanced driver: are you one?

    Who here is an advanced driver? More to the point, if you are not one, then why not? Some people here drive some very powerful and expensive motors.....and yet have not taken the time to improve their driving skills. Why not? Before I took my advanced driving test (incl. emergency driving)...
  11. GrahamC230K

    Sony Ericsson HCE-16 Advanced Music Mute

    Sony Ericsson HCE-16 Advanced Music Mute (now discontinued) wanted. If anyone has one or knows of a source, please contact me via PM. thanks
  12. mercmanuk

    Ashampoo winoptimizer 2010 advanced full version

    V3 Software Store - Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2010 Advanced - 100% off RRP install first then enter email address to receive full product key works fine
  13. W

    Job vacancies - PhD driver's behaviour and advanced driver assistance systems design

    Whilst looking for something else unrelated I found this: TRL - Adaptation_A Marie Curie Initial Training Network - Latest Vacancies - Careers It sounds like a very interesting opportunity. The closing date is 15/9/09
  14. C

    Advanced Agility

    After some info from any members that understand the above system, ideally from ones who actually have it on their car. I am little confused after talking to the dealer and reading the interactive manual on the website, exactly how this works on the new W204. On a car WITHOUT AA the...
  15. chriswt

    Advanced driving test - what have I done!

    I've just signed up to take the advanced driving test and I'm starting to worry! Has anyone who has taken their test got any advice? Trying not to cross my hands when manoeuvring and sticking rigidly to the speed limits is proving the hardest part! how rigid are the testers when it comes...
  16. GrahamC230K

    Ericsson HCA-10 Advanced Hansfree Kit - K750i, T28, R520i

    Sony have stung me again by making me buy a whole new car kit for my K750i. MMmmm K750i. When will their promise of a modular system last more than one generation of phone??!! Anyway, for your buying pleasure I have to offer: Ericsson HCA-10 Advanced Hands Free Kit. I have the system...
  17. B

    Advanced driving course's

    First post since buying my SLK, so hi to everyone on the forum. As per the title, I am trying to find out about the different course's that are out there (i.e. IAM, RoSPA and general track day/skidpan course's). I would say that I am only driving the car at around 70% of it's capabilities and...
  18. M

    W203 advanced coding works in Pre-2005

  19. M

    W203, R171 advanced coding releases more features.

    Tank volume under the range value Auto-fold command for cars with motorised mirrors Tyre pressure loss activation (not proven to work) Turning lights during blinker use and cornering (notice also the chrome package trims, parktronic and Bixenon mods on the same...
  20. jukie

    Advanced notice.

    Advanced notice - now officially for sale I may be selling my car in the next couple of weeks so I'm posting details on here to give forum members (and your family/friends) "first refusal", if anyone is interested. March 2000 'W' reg E320 CDi Avantgarde saloon, facelift model. 76,500...
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