1. reflexboy

    Advantages of the Media Interface Cable?

    Hi all My car has Command Online with the media interface ports in the centre armrest. I have an iPhone 4S which connects via Bluetooth for phone calls and I can stream music from my phone via Bluetooth too. Would there be any advantage of using the media interface cable to connect the phone to...
  2. M

    DPF Delete - Advantages and Disadvantages

    Hi everyone My dad has recently had interest on a 2009 (59) W212 E350 CDI Saloon with 40000 miles, for sale. We checked the vehicle's data-card on the Mercedes-Benz UK website and have also checked with their call centre and both confirmed that the car has a DPF. I am still curious since a car...
  3. ringway

    The advantages of front wheel drive. Good Fun!

    I'd have a go at this. Yr8tsgLp1pA
  4. BillyW124

    Advantages of throttle body cleaning?

    Alright Members, Can anyone tell me the advantages reaped from cleaning my throttle body? What improvemnet signs should i expect to see once this is done?
  5. grasmere

    diesel - any fuel supplier advantages?

    There have been recent threads about the pro's and cons of eg BP and shell performance petrol. Does anyone have any comments or experiences about different diesel fuels? I use Shell Diesel Extra currently.
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