1. The _Don

    Ferrari Testarossa to the Sahara. 2000mile adventure to the Sahara desert
  2. S

    W221 S Class adventure - Nurburgring

    Hello all, Im a big S Class fan. Ive owned the old W140 - which I bought for €500 last year. Took her on a 3,000mile adventure last summer & fell in love with S class ever since. Picture - 20yr old W140 300SE reaching full speed (Felt like she had more - but we kept running out of road)...
  3. SimonRJ

    MB World 4x4 adventure

    Had a really great 'Dad & Daughter' day yesterday at Brooklands Mercedes Benz World and we did the 4x4 off-roading. Really wanted to see what the ML was capable of without breaking mine or getting it dirty. What a great afternoon out - lots to see and do at MB world - looks like my Daughter...
  4. JimboDS

    My wife's adventure driving to work

    Thought this story might make you laugh. I get home from work and Mrs DS confesses... "On the dal carriageway this morning I must have accidentally knocked the paddle because the car was revving at nearly 4000 rpm. I think it said D2. I had to pull off and put it in P then back to D."...
  5. st13phil

    Phil’s Ardèche Adventure

    As I was asked in this thread for the gory details, here goes... For those unfamiliar with the geography of France, the Ardèche department in the south-central region of the country takes its name from the river that runs through it from its source near the village of Astet in the Massif...
  6. Lugy

    Yesterday's little adventure

    Just thought I'd post this up here seeing as there's some nice pictures, it's a copy and paste from another forum... Well, seeing as I've no interest in the election, the names are the only difference IMO, I thought I'd head out on a drive. So I woke up at half 4 this morning then decided sod...
  7. Lugy

    This weekends adventure

    This is just a complete copy of a post from another forum as I'm too lazy to repost.... Well, see as it's getting colder Turbodave, Dave Dempsey, John and I decided we'd better do our bit for the planet, it's the least we could do. So we met at McDonalds for a nutritious breakfast and headed...
  8. R

    Smart Roadster Puncture Adventure

    So its Sunday, I've been to the Festival of Mud, I mean Speed, all day and had a thoroughly good time. :) Given the nature of the event and in the laughable belief it might be sunny, I took the Smart Roadster. Leaving the car park was an adventure in mud spraying power oversteer, and with...
  9. Maff

    2005 German 'Autobahn Adventure' - Brabus Factory and Nürburgring

    Hi All, Germany is calling! :D It's been a while since we done a German GTG, and speaking to a few forum members it's time to start planning the next one... If numbers are good, we have the opportunity to visit the BRABUS factory and Nürburgring in a three/four day top-notch excursion...
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