1. K

    500SEC...a persuasive and rational advert

  2. CLSMark

    Not a great advert for Mercedes Bristol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. poormansporsche

    Funny Advert / C43 Kit

    Chortle ! 1999 Mercedes C280 Sport Estate V6 Spares/Repair/A really small house *AMG KIT* | eBay
  4. merc85

    Attention Dodgy advert Merc c55

    This car is advertised on Piston heads up North, think it may be a forum car. This is the add on ebay Rare 2005 Mercedes c55 AMG | eBay This is the Piston heads add Used 2005 Mercedes-Benz AMG C55 AMG for sale in Western Isles | Pistonheads
  5. Felstmiester

    New BT advert with Ryan Reynolds and c63

    Saw it for the first time last night. Is it a c63 though? On closer inspection I'm not sure. But I am trying to watch it on my phone. Need to see again on a big screen. Not sure how the driver pulls off the handbrake turn if it's the real McCoy. Ryan Reynolds stars in new BT advert - BT
  6. nb_racing

    Strange advert???

    I don't normally share stuff like this. But what on gods earth is this rambling advert going on about?!?! Newly Used Cars at unbelievable prices. powered by phpDealer - 2007 Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Diesel I don't believe their stock list is real. I wondered if they are some kind of agent...
  7. ioweddie

    Testicular Cancer Surprising Advert over 18's only

    Not for young ones Only the Brits have "the balls" to make a health commercial like this one. A British commercial you will not be seeing in Canada or the USA … Http://adsoftheworld.Com/media/TV/mcac_rhian_touches_herself
  8. abecketts

    replica CLK DTM what an advert

    MERCEDES CLK DTM AMG55 BLACK ABSOLUTELY SUPERB - £150,000 ??? WHO KNOWS - MEGA | eBay enjoy the read
  9. Deane x

    And I thought it was going to be a Mercedes advert

    As above Kia Sorento Advert - AdTurds - Adverts that are shitAdTurds ? Adverts that are shit
  10. cazyp

    Wanted steering wheel in gc/vgc to fit C43 amg - see advert

    I need a steering wheel for my C43. Must fit the Airbag/horn buttons from my current wheel - see pic below - and be in black to match the airbag cover. The leather is shot at the top of my wheel and although I could get it repaired as it's a daily driver I'd rather replace it. I've seen the...
  11. Gumball

    Monaro VXR 6.0 FSH AP brakes , Wotec exhaust , LS7 clutch full advert

    Vauxhall Monaro 6.0 VXR 2005 05 reg (so cheaper tax bracket £280 as opposed to £500) 4 formers keepers and HPI clear, feel free to do your own checks. 73,300 with FSH , will go up as car is still in use. MOT - May 2016 Engine + Outside. 6.0 Corvette LS2 v8, 6 speed manual gearbox. Wortec cat...
  12. gbjeppm

    Advert Feedback Request Please

    Guys I put this up for sale on ebay a few days ago, and have not even had a call or email about it yet. In the past I have sold cars on there pretty quickly. 2001 MERCEDES C320 AVANTGARDE ESTATE AUTO SILVER (Petrol) | eBay So any feedback on the advert / price / anything? I know the...
  13. I

    Proper advert, proper car - W126 Ebay US

    Mercedes Benz 300 Series 300SEL | eBay If it was Burgundy Tex or Leather I'd be double-drooling! Good lesson on how to take a few images! Cheers, Paul
  14. R

    How do I edit my advert ??

    I want to change the price in the ad header, how do I do that ?? I can't find an edit tab. Cheers Sean
  15. E

    cool advert

  16. kalvin928

    great advert!!!

    2008 BMW 7 series 750Li MINT LWB Low mileage THIS IS THE ONE: STUNNING | eBay
  17. Dieselman

    What a good advert

    This Saleswoman is a star performer. [YOUTUBE HD]v-1exCdzqRQ&list=PLE4iN5chvshGPid5Vp2zZ-jvsLAzxXIsD&index=6[/YOUTUBE HD]
  18. grober

    Buy Me and get all the Nice Chicks Advert.

    Posted this elsewhere first but thought I would share with the folks here. Slick advert for the RR Wraith. Is it just me or did anyone else experience a Supermarionation moment :eek: where CGI had done wonders for Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward at around 1 minute 10seconds in. ;) [YOUTUBE...
  19. kalvin928

    ebay advert raised a chuckle

    2008 BMW 7 series 750Li MINT LWB Low mileage | eBay
  20. C36fan

    What a wicked advert

    Check this out! Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
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