1. e55nick

    How to advertise a BMW how to advertise a BMW! bmw 730d | eBay
  2. D

    Hell of a way to advertise your car

    I don't think I want to buy it! 2008 Mercedes Benz E63 estate? for Auction - Anglia Car Auctions
  3. grumpyoldgit

    This is how to advertise a used car.

    Not ebay, but an original idea. (If it's genuine). Australian David Johns wants to sell his 1999 Holden Barina, so he teamed up with a video production company to create a slick, high-production-value car commercial. To sell his crappy car. watch?v=BJj7Km7Raks :D:D:D
  4. D

    where is the best place to advertise a car these days?

    I am about to advertise my R129 SL320 Mercedes and started to draft an ad in auto trader, it costs £37 for a 2 week standard ad, is this still seen as the best place to advertise cars and best value for money? Cheers
  5. mattmeyler19

    Where to advertise my C63 for sale

    Hey guys Where would people recommend I advertise my c63 in fire opal for sale? 2012 28000 miles Coupe Looking for c£32k Conscious lots of stories of time wasters on some sites so looking for advice?
  6. G

    Recommend a good place to advertise my Merc for sale please

    Well after nearly 3 years of ownership, my PCP is coming to an end and I am off to pastures new. I might have stayed with Merc, but they don't do a 3.0 diesel C Class anymore :( so my lovely 350cdi AMG Sport Plus is hopefully going to a good home. It's been the best car I have owned in many...
  7. A

    Best place to advertise my Merc

    Hi guys, Just after a bit of advice. Where would you say the best place to sell my CLK is? I put it up on pistonheads for a month which is where I have always sold my cars before but I only had one email. I checked the price with the book price and with my local dealer and am confident it is...
  8. Mercedes-2010

    Spares for sale! How many posts to advertise...

    I have a Watercooled Alternator for a W203 to put onto the spares section, though it's to my advantage, I'd also like to think it's to another members advantage too as soon as I can advertise... How many posts do I need to advertise... Don't want to break any rules either.. :D Dave C
  9. Horrgakx

    Where's the best place to advertise my E55 AMG?

    Surely it must come down to Pistonheads, AutoTrader or eBay. I've never used any of these to sell a car so does anyone have experience of all 3 and is able to comment? Obviously I want to avoid steep fees :thumb:
  10. NW_Merc

    What criteria must I fulfil in order to advertise as a trader on this forum?

    Hi all, Just wondering what I need to do in order to be considered eligible to put an advert in the trader's section for a new business? Cheers :)
  11. R

    Where else to advertise?

    As eagle eyed MB Club members may have noticed, I've put the CLK up for sale in the classified section. I've also got it advertised on PistonHeads. Where else is free and effective? eBay and Autotrader are obviously options in the...
  12. P

    Best place to advertise car for sale ???

    Any opinions ? So far I've tried:- Local paper (£30) Exchange and Mart website (£13) FreeAds (£5) Autortrader website (£18) Only responses I seemed to get were from autotrader, and they werent too numerous. Anyone got any alternatives?
  13. mobeyone

    what a way to advertise...

    would you buy a car having seen a photo of the clown driving the way he does? :crazy:
  14. splang

    Best place to advertise to sell a merc?

    Hi all, Well, the time has come to sell my mercedes. It is worth around 17-18k private sale - anyone know where to advertise it (i am based near bristol)? Other than the classifieds in this site of course ;) Cheers, Steve :bannana:
  15. Limited Edition

    Unique way to advertise FHM Magazine

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