1. H13BS M


    Hi there everyone! As some will know, I have started automotive detailing for boats, bikes and cars.Though i have been detailing for about 7/8 years, i have taken it on as a professional business now.I have just had my graphic designer make me some a4 data sheets for customers, and have them...
  2. C

    R8 advertisement

    Don't know if everyone has seen this, it's great advert for the R8. Made me smile anyway YouTube - Audi R8 V10 cruises through Maranello
  3. C

    Old Mercedes Magazine Advertisement

    Im been trying to find a site with old (1990's) Mercedes magazine advertisements, Im particularly looking for one that had 3 E-Class's in it. Any suggestions of sites? Cheers
  4. amwebby

    Presence Advertisement

    A very classy advertisement, this is what Mercedes-Benz is all about.
  5. 230K

    Mercedes E Class Advertisement

    Hi When i seen this i just loved it and had to share it, probably been on here before, if it has sorry and mods can delete. 230K
  6. compress ignite

    Mercedes advertisement

    Link Below: (I think Dr. Z's lawyers will hear from females in U.S. zip code 90210 about this.)
  7. Limited Edition

    Funny Advertisement

    Click Me :p Regards, Don
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