1. John

    Advertising costs.

    How much does it cost these days to advertise, and for what duration, on Autotrader for private and business individuals? You can't seem to see prices unless you sign in. Reason I ask is that I can see some adverts for E55s have been around for a long time and it must cost a fortune?
  2. V

    New SL advertising

    Anyone seen the adverts for the new SL? Shows the car opening /closing the roof at speeds upto 25mph :thumb: Well not exactly you can only start the operation at a standstill. Bit naughty :fail
  3. G

    Recommend a good place to advertise my Merc for sale please

    Well after nearly 3 years of ownership, my PCP is coming to an end and I am off to pastures new. I might have stayed with Merc, but they don't do a 3.0 diesel C Class anymore :( so my lovely 350cdi AMG Sport Plus is hopefully going to a good home. It's been the best car I have owned in many...
  4. N


    I recently bought a MacBook having used windows notebook for years. Forum is now littered with advertising, is this a coincidence in timing or is there a setting I can tweak to get rid? I am logged in to my account not as a visitor. Most annoying. Thanks.
  5. abecketts

    Inspired advertising from a barber gets a visit from korean embassy Just love this
  6. grumpyoldgit

    Clever Ambient Advertising

    Amusing and effective... ...even Mercedes are at it. 19 Cool Advertisements That Perfectly Use Their Surroundings
  7. Palfrem

    Do you remember car advertising slogans

    Car Slogan Quiz
  8. ricardo62

    advertising on my car

    hi im wondering if there is anyone that can point me in the right direction as to a company that will pay me to drive around with there adverts on my car ? ive tried looking up companies on the web but don't seem to find any , I would be happy to have my car wrapped in a companys logo in return...
  9. M

    Blatant advertising

    Lovely S124 on ebay Mercedes E280T 7 seater estate W124 | eBay Wonder whose it is......................?
  10. BlackC55


    Hello all. I have never done much advertising at all. Just a few ads in MB mag etc. I have not realy ever needed it. I am still busy and don't really need any extra work but I intend to employ another MB trained tech. I have just sacked one of my lads a few weeks ago so need to fill that...
  11. D

    Best Car Advertising Option?

    What is the best medium to advertise your car? Best in terms of price, potential customer base, success rate etc
  12. paulfnw

    advertising on here

    hi not sure why i cant post a classified ad? is it because im a new member? is it free? any help for the new boy would be appreciated!!!
  13. spinaltap

    PGA Championship - Where's MB Advertising?

    Unlike myself, my wife will happily spend all day watching golf on the television. Today, Sky is broadcasting 8 hours-worth of the PGA Championship from Georgia - and my wife is more than happy. On today's broadcast, I was intrigued to witness the golf course's car park bursting with pristine...
  14. Sp!ke

    Advertising dodgy MOT's on the web

    The otherday I was shown some adverts on a foreign website for uk based foreign nationals. There was a series of adverts, some blatant and others with slightly more subtle wording but all of them were basically claiming that they have a 100% MOT pass rate regardless of the vehicle condition...
  15. ecossebev

    Mercedes TV advertising

    I just saw the latest ad for the new E-Class, but it got me thinking. While all the other major manufacturers advertise on TV, what was the last Mercedes to be advertised? I can't recall any Mercedes advert.
  16. SilverSaloon

    Advertising tricks!

    I couldnt help chuckle at how this ebay seller takes his photos for his items he sells. Never seen a merc window switch advertised in such a way :)...
  17. tromppost

    Mercedes-Benz advertising campaign?

    Did any one else get an email from Mercedes-Benz about advertising campaign? "Would you be interested in contributing to the next Mercedes-Benz advertising campaign? If you can spare 20 minutes to take part in an online survey, you can do just that. And possibly win yourself a Mercedes-Benz...
  18. grober

    More Advertising B*ll*cks!

    Following on from the marketing men's "Sound Logo" for the Mercedes marque and after reading that the Post Office is shortly to push "SENSORY MAIL" which adds smells to marketing material delivered through the...
  19. E

    Good advertising for Mercedes quality Could it be any worse?
  20. Gucci

    Super cool car advertising for a premium product
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