1. J

    Dash cam wiring advise

    hi, I have a w204 with the annoying fixed rear seats. I want to hard wire my dashcam into the fuse box but the only fuse box is in the boot (pain in the butt !) any suggestions about wiring route as I can't see a direct hole from the cabin to the boot ? cheers
  2. A

    1984 280CE Advise please?

    Hi, sorry if this type of question was been asked often. I'm inheriting / being given an 1984 280ce with about 100k on the clock. It failed it's last MOT in 2007 due to emissions. It then was taken of the road and stored under a tarp for a few years. The current owner bought it, took the...
  3. A

    W124 Cabrio rear Shock advise!!

    Dear All, Just some advise/direction please :dk: I have been advised that my Rear shocks are leaking and would need replacement. I want to try and do this job myself as I have read up and its not a very difficult DIY!!. Car is W124, 1994, E220 convertible, Sports chassis and NON self...
  4. T

    7g tronic fluid leak advise

    I've got a s211 E320 and when I got car it had the oil seal replaced on torque converter, noticed last week it had leaked again, was coming from bell housing again, been back to garage but they say it's nothing to do with them as all they did was change seal and told dealers they wouldnt...
  5. B

    Diamond Cut or Painted Finish advise

    Hi all I have a CLS350 with Diamond cut AMG 18" alloys, which were refurbished about 18 months ago. After about 9 months the first signs of milkiness appeared again around one of the hubs and now all four have gone again despite me following a strict cleaning, drying and polishing routine. I...
  6. C

    advise needed - battery light coming on for W202 1997 C200

    Hi Mercedes Brothers & Sisters! I have a W202 Mercedes, 1997 C200 Classic / Elegance. It's covered 200,000 miles but overall is fairly trusty. Recently the car battery light has started coming on - intermittently. Definitely more likely to happen upon "cold" - first usage of the day. I have...
  7. Borys

    Hit and run advise please

    My sister was at church today. Once finished found a note behind wiper from a witness. Lady did hit her car and just drove off. Gentlemen left his mobile number and reg of the car which drove off. Car is not worth a lot and damage is not huge but at this case principal applies. We don't want to...
  8. C

    W210 38 pin diag advise please

    Hi all i have a 2001 E320 cdi the abs bas and associated lights have just come on and im looking to find out how to read the codes i have a little hand held scanner and adaptor lead that reads there is a fault code with the engine but wont tell me what it is separate issue im looking at...
  9. J

    The New Guy looking for some good advise

    Hey All Thank you for accepting my application to the forum, I promise not to be to much of a nuisance I am in the market for a replacement car. So I thought before making any stupid mistakes I should find some people who have honest truthful opinions about one of the two brands of cars I...
  10. C

    Lowering springs w211 advise

    Hi. Some advice needed please. I've seen the below springs on eBay. Does anyone have any experience with these? Ideally I'd like a 40mm drop but could go to 45mm. Would 45mm be too low? Look at this on eBay DIRENZA TUV SUSPENSION LOWERING SPRINGS 45mm MERCEDES E CLASS E350 E280 W211 | eBay...
  11. K

    W140 modding options advise needed.

    Hi guys.I have a 1996 S280 with a low mileage so just wondering what the options are.Anyone fitted a turbo/supercharger kit or fitted engine swap etc.Any info will be beneficial.
  12. N

    headbolt advise

    You will laugh about me, but when i bought my c63 i fall in love with this car and buy it without information on website or forum, so i didn t know the problem of headbolt. Mine is a 2009 so concern by this. other personn of the forum are concern by this? What do you do? Everyone change the...
  13. D

    R500? R350 ? advise needed

    hi guys i was thinking of getting one of these they seem good value for money mainly used as family car, i would like to hear from you good folk of any thing to look out for and which model is best? are they pretty reliable? did MB fix the paint issue i know my 2002 w203 had plently of...
  14. M

    E350 Covertible - Buying advise

    Hi All, Looking to buy a 61 plate e350 convertible. I have seen a handful of issues regarding rattles from the rear and dash but I assume this is luck of the draw as it could happen in any car. I just want to make sure its not a known issue with the e class coupe/covertibles. Also further...
  15. S

    Advise, please - charging dead battery on CL600

    Hi everyone, 2003 Merc CL600 Biturbo I left it too long and the battery is really drained - not even the lights come on. Car won't unlock except with the metal key bit. I have a booster pack putting out 900 cranking amps and a Jag V8 with a good 100ah battery to jump start it with...
  16. addbuyer

    C63 - E63 advise please

    Guys I am again looking at moving from the C63 to the E63. The main reasons are, but not in order, larger fuel tank, more room and comfort (hopefully) So has anyone had a C and an E (facelift) and is there a world of difference comfort (suspension and size) wise? There are none near enough...
  17. G

    W124 Wheel fittament:- checked sticky, PLEASE ADVISE?

    Hi there chaps, I'm looking at buying some OZ Carlsson 3/6 wheels for my w124 coupe e220. The fronts are et35 which correlates to the et in the sticky link. But the rears don't match up. In the link its says et28 and the ones I'm looking at buying are et43 for the rears. Here are the exact...
  18. K

    Dinamica/Artico interior Cleaning advise

    Can anyone recommend how best to clean dark grey/ black Dinamica interior? Is it just a case of using a damp cloth, or are there specific products on the market to do this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  19. J

    Purchase advise

    Hi everyone, I'm about to buy a 2010 S class. the price offered by the owner is close to 23K. The car looks to be in pretty good shape. I haven't driven it myself, but the owner did take me for a ride. The car smelled as good as new. The engine was absolutely smooth. He has all the papers and...
  20. S

    W211 06 Estate Wheel fitment Advise

    I need to get a replacement wheel for the front and cant find the exact fitment. Can I fit ET35 instead of ET38 at the front? What is the difference? Thanks
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