1. CowleyStJames

    2010 W204 rear brake lines mot advisory

    Just had MOT on my 2010 W204 Cdi estate, and the MOT inspector showed me the rear steel lines and advised me to grease them up before the winter as there was quite a bit of surface rust on them. He's put it down as an advisory. Anyone else had this and what would you advise as a coating to put...
  2. Piff

    MOT advisory items

    Number 1 son has just had his A-Class MOT'd. It's an 09 plate with 25k miles, A160. It passed. The MOT station has given 3 advisories, 2 of which I think are quite bizzare, the third I would appreciate some advice from the knowledgeable people:thumb: Undertrays fitted obscuring some...
  3. DSM10000

    MOT advisory for the second year.....

    Put the car in today for the MOT a few weeks early. Had a failure on a NSF suspension arm that was replaced last year by the same garage! After a brief discussion we agreed to me paying cost price for the part and no labour charge which seemed reasonable. Emissions were good with HC at 6pppm...
  4. M

    Air suspesion advisory message

    I have a fault on offside front suspension leg I have airmatic suspension that works fine the strut dampens as it should I took to mercedes dealer who charged about £200.00 but could but find fault and would need further investigation. So I took my car to a local garage that had been...
  5. H


    Hi I have a 2007 S211 E280 CDI it was in for recall and when I picked it up they gave me a sheet with Leak/Oil Seals At Air Intake Air Box have had a look but can,t really see anything! Should I be worried :( Cheers Hog
  6. vijilants

    Four advisory Items today on my Merc MOT plus really poor service !!!

    Took the Merc in for an MOT today and these were the Advisory Items !!!! 1) Front position lamps slightly discoloured ( both has a blue tinge to the light) 2) Under-trays fitted obscuring some underside components 3) Engine covers fitted obscuring some components in the engine bay 4) Number...
  7. T

    MOT advisory and Brakes

    Hi there, Just had my 2009 c220cdi sport estate booked in for its furst MOT today. It passed but got picked up on the brakes all being worn(pads and discs-front and back) and also excessive plany on the anti roll bar. The anti roll bar is getting done under warranty tomorrow, but they quoted...
  8. A

    S211 Slightly coroded brake pipes on MOT advisory

    Hello My S211 had a recomendation on the MOT that it has slightly coroded brake pipes. The garage (not Mercedes) said to use a wire brush on them and rub oil over them?? Is this correct, will they be easy to get to if I get the car on axel stands? If this isn't correct what is? I guess...
  9. nigel cross

    MOT Advisory Notes

    She just passed her MOT today, but on the advisory notes it states:- vehicle tested in wet conditions,what does that mean?
  10. S

    MOT Advisory !! What does it mean?

    :confused: My car (C180) passed the MOT however the MOT station issued the following advisories : NSF anti-roll bar has slight play in a pin/bush [2.4.g.3] OSF anti-roll bar has slight play in a pin/bush [2.4.g.3] NSF wheel bearing has slight play [2.5.A.3c] OSF wheel bearing has slight play...
  11. E

    MOT Advisory Question

    Just doing my homework on the car and last year this was put on as an MOT advisory notice: "Offside rack end Steering system has slight free play detected at steering wheel " What would be involved in remedying this and what would cause it?
  12. P

    MOT Advisory - 2003 C200 Coupe

    Hi guys Ive got the follow advisory on a recent MOT ive had done, was wondering if anyone had an idea what teh likely cost would be to have it repaired and what sorts of mileage i have got left in them? - Also any garge to recommend the Harrogate area if poss - thanks in advance Nearside...
  13. MarkF

    Help with MOT advisory

    Hello wise ones. Had the ML MOT last year and have just got around to posting this that was on the advisory notice. Offside front Anti-roll bar attachment bracket/mounting worn but its strength is not seriously reduced. Question where is it, what is it and is it an easy diy job to replace...
  14. Sp!ke

    Look up MOT advisory notices

    Might be useful for prospective buyers... Also lists mileage at each MOT and failure or advisory details from each and every MOT test since computerisation. Needs Reg number and reference number off registration document or MOT station number...
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