1. 219

    Electric Aerials ?

    ECP no longer seem to list electric aerials on their website . They used to offer the Hirschmann ones , amongst others . Their rivals , GSF , list a Beru electric aerial at around £58 Pat , can ECP still supply the Hirschmann aerials , or other branded alternative , and can you beat the...
  2. MB-BTurbo

    Replacing OEM aerials for shark fins

    Before anyone says anything, Im not trying to make it look like something its not. The simple fact is they are a lot more aesthetically pleasing so would like to swap my long ungainly stick for something more rounded and pleasing to the eye. I have seen this on ebay but is it really that...
  3. M

    W124 replacement aerials

    According to the dealer mine is non-standard - probably a Maystar. Found on ebay, very helpful, they have sent me what they think is the replacement, if not I send them my current broken aerial and they will match it
  4. V12

    29 Various GPS Aerials etc

    3 different types. All magnetic All brand new Think some were used for road angels? £offers please
  5. Gucci

    Shark fin aerials on ML

    I have a black disc the size of a 50p piece on the top of my ML at the rear. I've seen a few MLs (W163) with a small shark fin at the same place. Would this be a retro fit to improve FM reception (mine is dreadful - it picks up some stations at standtill, but on the move it hisses).
  6. M

    Aerials GPS + GSM, adaptors, leads, converters

    I found this link to a company in Finland. Has a wide range of Wiclic and HRS connector adaptors. Would be a useful resource to any person wanting a wide choice of antennas and still wanting to maintain the MB connections...
  7. D

    Dummy GPS Aerials

    Have seen dummy mercedes GPS ariels for sale on E-Bay anyone know where to purchase one localy , as they seem to be in Canada?
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