1. Stratman

    Aero wiper blades: which way up?

    I bought some replacement aero blades and noticed they're the 'other way up' compared to those I got from MB, in that the spoiler lip projection on the replacements is on the top whereas those from MB is at the bottom. Which is correct?
  2. Myclk55amg

    Aero blades

    What's you guys opinion aero wiper blades are they any better than the traditional wiper blades?
  3. maxypriest

    Wanted - a single STRAIGHT AMG Aero 16” alloy wheel! W124 fitment

    Looking for a single STRAIGHT AMG Aero 16” alloy wheel! I have 4 on my car, but one has a buckle and needs replacing. Cheers, Max
  4. C

    W126 AMG Aero 1 - bolts?

    Hello peeps, can anyone advise if I need longer threaded bolts when fitting Aero 1 to a 89 SEC? A trial fit earlier today suggests the standard bolts were fully engaged but the wheel was still loose. Thanks
  5. S

    Thule Aero bars and roofbox issue

    OK so I have just got some Thule Aero bars for my S212 . My roof box is a Halfords one, with U clamps. Is it safe to use some form of T bolt in the bar channel to secure it? This would only give 4 single points of bar area???
  6. SG1

    Urgent - Aero 1 AMG Wheels Fitment for W126 SEC

    Evening everyone, Need a bit of advice/confirmation whether 17" AMG Aero 1 alloys will fit a 1990 W126 SEC, the specs are 8JX17H2 ET28. Firstly, before anyone says it, I know the correct offset should be 11 for a W126 but the wheels aren't for me and 15mm spacers would be used to...
  7. D

    W124 300D with AMG kit and AERO 1's...

    I love the look of this.... Looks like an enthusiast got hold of it and spent some good mney on it...Combines rare Gen1 AMG looks with the practicality of a 300D... If it was black, I would have really been tempted... W124 MERCEDES 300D DIESEL AUTO,FULL AMG BODY KIT,AMG AERO ALLOYS, NO...
  8. DanMorgan

    AMG AERO 1 Alloy Wheels X5

    They will need a refurb, but 4 of the wheels have almost new tyres, 5th has around 4mm. I'm after £600 and don't mind travelling to meet with the inclusion of fuel costs. I will not be take anything less than £600. Dan zero seven four one five 049382
  9. retrorides

    BBS AMG aero II split rims for sale

    18 x 8.5 BBS Aero 2 split rims, fully refurbished, near perfect condition. Centres are sprayed light grey, lip highly polished. Compete with continental contact sport 3's all round with 3.5 - 4 mm so a few thousand miles at least left in them. Tyres are 335/40/18 all round and fitted and...
  10. Kris1

    W124 AMG AERO 1 center cap

    Hi, I just finish refurbishment of my set of Aero 1 and looking of center caps original or any new manufactured which will fit AMG Aero1 part No:7400098. Could be not full set of 4 and and any condition. Thanks for your help
  11. C240Sport97

    For old farts:: new Morgan Aero 8

    Any love for this? I think it is just lovely. I may even get one if it looks as good in the metal as in the pics, if it rides and handles with excitement and verve and if it is well built. No customer cars until 2016. Dealer demos around Oct 15. Well done Morgan! Aero 8...
  12. DanMorgan

    17" AMG AERO III Splits or OZ Futura

    Hi All, Looking for a pair of AMG Splits with the staggered 8.5/10 or the same spec in Oz Futra form. Preferably without tyres Regards, Dan
  13. N

    Brian Reingart Buy Problem - AMG OZ AERO ALUFELGEN 3 TEILIG

    Hi dear all... My reason to create this post is to alert and trying contact with user named Brian Reingart... In 08/19/2014 i'm start negotiation with him do check out one wheel set - AMG OZ AERO ALUFELGEN 3 TEILIG 10x17 MERCEDES W126 SEC SEL SE W129 R129 SL W124 Him answer me and get a...
  14. Z

    AMG Aero i wheels wanted

    Hi guys I'm new to this forum but have referred to it many times for useful information. I'm after a set of AMG Aero alloy wheels with or without tyres. I need 17" 8j et28 5x112 to go onto my w124 300d I can collect asap. I am located in Reading. Please let me know Zak
  15. John

    Wipers - aero or not?

    For our Juke, you can buy regular wipers or wipers with an aero spoiler on them. When do aero wipers become worthwhile having over standard ones?
  16. streetsupercars

    R129 500sl fitting AMG Aero 11 3piece split rims question

    HI i bought some lovely AMG Aero 11 made by OZ (1990 ish wheels) they are 8.5j 17 inch at the front and the rears are 10.5 wide and 17inch diameter my wheel fitter firstly is away to source correct valves for the wheels as annoyingly the valves I got with it are incorrect. my question...
  17. P

    Pre Merger Aero 1 17x8 et28

    Set of 4, although one is bent and will need a repair - £350 Collection from Redhill.
  18. P

    Single Aero 1 ET 28

    Anyone got one going spare? Needs to be early non slash.
  19. retrorides

    Amg aero 2 alloy wheels

    For sale genuine aero 2 amg alloy wheels with road legal tyres, the lacquer on the outer lips has started to come away and could do with a refurb. Still look great, taken off my w202 c class. Collection from Huddersfield, west Yorkshire. Please email me for pictures: [email protected] £250...
  20. P

    17" amg aero 1 et28

    Mercedes W124 W201 AMG Hammer Aero 1 17x8 ET28 Diamond cut lips Bornite Centers | eBay
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