1. C

    New tax will it affect me?

    Hello folks. Just getting my head round this new VED/road tax scenario. I currently have a 2010 C63. How is the new changes likely to affect me, if at all?? Do i continue just paying at £515 a year? I dont know if i am interprettimg things correctly, but my next tax bill wont be £1120 will...
  2. st13phil

    Strictly Enforced Speed Limits May Adversely Affect Safety

    Some interesting research that suggests a driver's hazard perception capability is diminished when they're dedicating concentration to speed limit compliance. It will be interesting to see what the next stage of the research finds.
  3. B

    c350 cdi remap - will it affect the DPF?

    Hello, I am considering a remap (probably GAD as they are close by). I have had my car for a year and a half and soon after getting it the nature of it's use changed so it is used more for shorter journeys with occasional longer ones. I have had no problems with the DPF but feel I may be...
  4. The _Don

    Mb recalls 8,000 C-Class cars over steering fault that 'could affect control'
  5. Harrythedog

    Does altering the clocks affect you?

    As we're mostly spread around the UK does changing the clocks have any particular effect on your life. Personally I prefer the extra light in the morning but I know many are not keen on the idea. I think many years ago there was a year when it didn't happen but can't remember the general...
  6. J

    New Tyres - What to buy and will it affect my MB Warranty?

    I need new rubber on the fronts of my CLS Grand edition. At the moment I have Continental Sport Contact 3's all round. The car has warranty until October which I wont renew but will I invalidate my MB warranty now if I change the front tyres to non continentals?? The tyres are 245/40/18...
  7. Z

    Modifying car on PCP affect MB Return?

    Hi Guys, I have already asked this question in the W204 Owners thread but haven't really got a straight answer as it doesn't seem that many people have ever done this? I understand the thoughts behind the "mortgage" and that your lender wont restrict you from changing your house until 25...
  8. ringway

    How will tomorrow's strike affect the road network?

    I'm heading to Maidstone and Wokingham tomorrow and wondered what I may come up against, traffic-wise. Will the strike planned for tomorrow by Public Sector Workers cause chaos or will the roads be quieter? No air or rail travel should mean the increased traffic. However, there will be...
  9. C

    Does battery condition affect common rail injection?

    I recently load tested the Varta battery in my W202 C220 CDi. It showed up as ‘weak’ despite being regularly conditioned with a CTEK charger and was only about three and a half years old. I suspect it has a faulty cell. I replaced it. It is no surprise that the car now starts in a more...
  10. crockers

    Will your Company Car choice affect your child benefit?

    As the company car benefit in kind lowers the tax code will your choice of car in the future cost you more than you anticipated? Will this change your choice of car?
  11. K

    MB229.5 Oil - Does it affect service intervals?

    I read that use of this spec oil gives 30% more on the service countdown/mileage, is this true?
  12. 0

    Could a faulty alternator affect the performance of auto gearbox?

    Hello all, I just realised my alternator may not be in the best of shape, it is working but not very well. Would like to know if anyone had any experience with alternator affecting performance of auto gearbox? Bearing in mind that it is a 1970s auto, it might be a bit different then. Further...
  13. hindesbeans

    Does staggered fit set-up affect handling????

    Hi all, I am thinking of putting a 18" AMG staggered set up on my C200K elegance w203, but i am concerned that it could adversly effect the handling of the car???? It has been mentioned to me that cars with AMG wheels on from factory are set up to work with staggered fit. Secondly how much...
  14. 6CylinderMerc

    Will the budget VED rates have an adverse affect?

    We all know that as of next year the VED (road tax) rates will expand to more bands & increase in cost to penalise the higher polluting cars (yeah, right! :p ). The highest band will be Band M, for the biggest polluters {allegedly} that emit more than 255g of Co2 per km.. Now, this got me...
  15. L

    My service B is overdue by 1000 miles,does this affect my warranty and mobilo

    Anyone know
  16. M

    Removal of Servicing ties and affect on Mobilo

    Sorry, another thread about the removal of servicing ties and the affect on warranties. As I understand it the OFT have stated that manufacturers have to honour warranties so long as the car is serviced as per manufacturers guidelines...etc. However it appears from other threads that should I...
  17. guydewdney

    scary problem on S class - may affect others.

    In George Frasers last night until 9pm :eek: with a gearbox problem.. anyway, it turns out that a known 'issue' with the electronic 'boxes is that the seal from the box tot he cable that goes to its brain (located in the slightly coffin shaped box nearest the windscreen, LHS) can sometimes...
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