1. P

    w211 heated rear window affecting adio reception

    Hi this has just started happening but when I switch heated window on it knocks my radio reception out. When off its fine. What can this be please? Thanks Dan
  2. developer

    Housing Benefit Changes Affecting The Under 35's

    I don't do political threads but I wonder what the panel thinks about this. Amongst a raft of recent housing benefit changes the government has declared that anyone under 35 (was 25) claiming housing benefit can only receive what is known as the shared room rate, currently £55.00/week in...
  3. Lugy

    Quite urgent - W210 ABS fault affecting 'box.

    A mate is looking at an E240 (only because I got the S class :rolleyes::o). The only problem is: Does this ring true?
  4. D

    E10 French Petrol affecting older cars? Is this for real?

    Extract of internet article... French E10 petrol can damage older cars The ANWB says the biofuel which mixes regular unleaded fuel with Ethanol can damage engines of older cars. The Netherlands – The Dutch automobile association (ANWB) has warned car drivers about the French petrol E10, a...
  5. M

    MAF sensor affecting emission levels

    Hi, Does anybody out there know if MAF sensor can affect emission levels on a diesel Thanks:mad::confused:
  6. D

    What is affecting my fuel consumption?

    Over that last few months I've seen my fuel consumption fall from 33-34mpg to 28-30mpg. (W210 300TD Est) I drive very consistently and do the same route every day, which is motorway on cruise control. There is no loss of urge from the engine and it pulls cleanly towards the red. There is...
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