1. bpsorrel

    A genuine Lamborghini I CAN afford!

    At last!! I'm sooo tempted... :D 1966 LAMBORGHINI 1R SMALL DIESEL TRACTOR For Sale on Car And Classic UK [C666879]
  2. knighterrant

    I don't want an AMG

    Well, OK, to be more accurate I don't want to own an AMG other than an SL or SLK. In MY opinion the loud engines and sportier (AKA stiffer) suspension don't suit anything other than sports cars. It's plain to see that very many people love their AMG saloons, estates and 4x4s, and that's their...
  3. Bert_W164

    Can't afford V8? Its Ok we're all gonna make it.

    For those of you who lust V8, but can't have V8 there's a solution for you. However before we explore solution, let us explore causation. Why cannot you have V8? - Fuel consumption. - Lady friend controls your spenditure. - You can't handle V8. - V8 does not want you. - You cannot afford V8. -...
  4. B

    Buying R129, Buy the best you can afford!!

    Hi everyone, I'm wanting to buy a r129 & have sort off narrowed the search down to 4. What I am looking for is a car with no electronic rubbish (as far as possible) and something I can work on myself as & when. I'm slightly concerned with the wiring loom issues on some cars. Bearing in mind the...
  5. alan1304

    HELP!! Can't afford a new Gearbox!

    Hi Guys, I'm here to pick your brains again. Took my daughter to her hospital appointment this morning, and my W202 auto was running superbly, (As it usually does). When I stopped the car I left it in park on a slight incline. When I came back out I started the car, put it into drive, and the...
  6. S

    Can I afford an S Class

    Hi Guys new to this I have run Audis for the past 20 odd years but fancy a change - I was contemplating an Audi A8 when a mate said why not a 3 litre S Class Having checked MB official 2nd hand and Autotrader it seems I can get a nice one for around £30000-00 which is the top end my budget...
  7. V

    Can't afford the Merc of your dreams?

    Maybe this is more to your budget? Particularly good Q&A section at the end of the page
  8. A

    can't afford a camper van?

    make your own
  9. Godot

    Not a Bad Deal (if you can afford it!) Not a bad company either. Tad cheaper than the local main dealer in Canterbury:devil:
  10. Satch

    Cannot afford an SLR? Do not despair my friends....
  11. Steve_Perry

    Can't afford an SLR?

    How about the watch then? Tag Heuer Link Wrist Dreams Link Actually, not my cup of tea for watch design but I thought you guys would be interested. :D S.
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