1. nick mercedes

    TTIP, should we be afraid?

    TTIP: a threat to democracy | Global Justice Now "TTIP is a deal that aims to remove ‘non-tariff barriers to trade’. There’s very little obstacle to trade between the EU and the US at present — tariffs are at an all-time low. But corporations, on both sides of the Atlantic, want to remove...
  2. Silver CL55

    Amazing car (Not MB I'm afraid)

    Check this out. Richard Scaldwell?s Sensational JAP V8-Powered GN Cycle Car | The Old Motor
  3. N

    Newbie here afraid Im going to need some help!

    Hi all what a great site Ive just purchased my first mb on a budget a 02 c200 I absolutley love it but it's done 170k and Im going to need some help. Please be nice, thanks!!!!!
  4. Colin_b

    I'm afraid this made me grin a little.

    Cushing man gets jail for striking estranged wife with genitalia — Midcoast — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine
  5. travelininstyle

    The Dread Budget - Be very Afraid !

    :crazy: Well,are you all braced for tomorrow ? - no doubt fuel will take a hit and vat seems to be the likely contender - what worries you most ? I am a little concerned about a possible increase in income tax - or if they start messing with Pensions - there was some rumours about them reviewing...
  6. C

    WTF! Im afraid to ask....

    Ok Im hoping this is normal and Im just being a panic guts but... I started my car up in the garage and sat there for a minute to let the engine settle and noticed a sound of water almost like a gentle bubbling/slooshing sound which seemed to emanate from the centre air vents. Now I dont have...
  7. para alpha

    I'm afraid I will be unavailable

    If you need me today, I'm afraid I will be unavailable . .................... I am going to be standing in front of a mirror practicing this look . And once I have it mastered....... I should be able to get away with ANYTHING!
  8. Levismerc

    300SE - opinions wanted again I'm afraid

    Sorry to be a pest but, as some of you may know from an earlier post, I've been looking around at 80's Mercs. I've now been to see this one...
  9. big x

    Not the best news I'm afraid

    ...If you drive a larger engined BMW E46 We give Mercedes a hard time over rust but some BMW's rip their rear subframes out due to structural stress failure no rust required :eek: ! In the UK it seems mainly the 3 series coupes that...
  10. sportyreptile

    Wheel Balance problems - bit of a long one I'm afraid.

    I've had four new tyres fitted recently at my local tyre shop, he gave me an extremely good rate for Continental Sport Contact2's however it would appear that their "standard" wheel balancing machine is just not good enough for a W140 S class. I drove away and immediately noticed the steering...
  11. cyan

    We Are Not Afraid.

    As my first post, I would like to offer my deepest sympathy to all our brothers and sisters in the UK. These criminals who bombed us without regards for women or children are a disgrace to the life-giving freedom we represent. Please hang together and let the world know WE ARE NOT AFRAID...
  12. R

    We're not afraid but the US is

    I've just heard that while we 've launched the "We're not afraid campaign " to show that we must continue our lives and not let the terrorists win, the US have banned all US military personel from coming to London because "it's too dangerous" . No US personal are allowed within the M25...
  13. M

    Another few questions, I'm afraid......

    Ok, I have a 1987 124 250D, non-turbo. She "chugs/surges/resonates" a bit when below 2000rpm, and at light throttle - could this be an injection pump timing issue? I have a workshop manual on order, and have always done my own spannering. No oil/diesel smoke whatsoever - despite nearly 250k...
  14. Satch

    Windows XP Service Pack 2: be afraid........

    One of my IT guys was today glooming away saying that Windows XP SP2 will contain so many changes it virtually amounts to a new operating system and may disable a number of my existing applications thanks to a "memory protection" feature. So his main contibution for the day was to disable all...
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