1. A

    1st time owner from South Africa

    1st time owner lifetime admirer 1st Mercedes i ever had the opportunity to drive in was a 380 SEC i was probably around 14 years old and from then my love for the brand started and never stopped Financially i could never ever afford one. now nearing the age of 50 with the kids out the house...
  2. P

    S205 South Africa or German

    Anyone know if the S205 (new c class estate) is built in SA or Germany. If both how can you tell, vin plate??? Looking at second hand market relatively soon and would prefer a German Build!
  3. R

    New here... All the way from South Africa

    Hi guys, so a few years back I bought a W204 C350. Still loving the car. Still have some nice tweaks that I want to do and hopefully still this year. here's the car for now:
  4. crockers

    Goa v South Africa

    Having read the thread on Goa (one of two places we are considering) I was wondering if anyone can give me feedback on SA as we are trying to decide which one to visit next February. Many thanks in advance. Graham
  5. mosescapetown

    New Member from Capetown South Africa

    Hi Guys I just recently acquired a 1990 200 W124 auto benz and even though its almost 25 years old i love the car. I am planning to restore it back to mint condition which should not be too hard as it is not in a bad condition. It has only 151 250 Km's (+- 94 530 miles) on the clock. The...
  6. theRéhann

    Howzit from sunny South Africa!

    Hi there We recently bought a 1991 300e (W124) as a cheap runabout and then I fell in love with it :o So I am loving this DIY project, not that it needs much work. Bought it at a steal and I'm getting spoilt with the quality of the engineering. I hope to learn a lot here and share in the...
  7. ItalianTuneUp

    G-wagen across Africa etc

    This might interest some people here. Gunther, Christine and Otto How a man met a woman and they set off on an epic journey across six continents in one amazing unbreakable car.
  8. S

    Flight ticket buying advice to South Africa

    Me and the missus(don't tell her I put it like that) are off to South Africa in October for a couple of weeks. My question is this: buy flight tickets now or wait a while and gamble on them coming down(or not). At the moment return flights to Johannesburg with Lufthansa are £500 which I don't...
  9. verytalldave

    Another plea for aid for Africa

    Despite regular charity benefit events and TV specials over a period of more than 15 years, Africa seems no nearer to sorting out its over-population / famine / drought problems than ever. You rarely hear of India in this sort of predicament nowadays, yet when I was a young lad, it was always...
  10. ukmike

    Made in South Africa

    I know my C230,W203,was made in South Africa,but was the engine & auto box made in Germany & shipped over to SA for assembly?If so,what other parts were?
  11. Spinal

    Africa's calling me...

    The strangest thing happened to me today, and I feel I must share it with someone... hopefully I'm not alone... I spent a large portion of my life in Africa; and when I lived there, I couldn't wait to get out. It didn't matter which country I was in, I always wanted to leave... I was...
  12. R

    Trip to africa.

    On one of my trips to the oil producing part,from the capital in one african country we had to take a taxi about 6:00pm at night and arrived for 2:00am in the morning. The striped shirt guy is actually an armed escort and had an FAL rifle with him throughoot the journey, amongst others...
  13. L

    Warning for anyone travelling to Africa

    Just to give you the heads up about recent lion activity in Mozambique
  14. L

    Irish discover Africa

    Here's the proof:
  15. BlackC55

    Driving a shed to Africa.

    There are many rallys out there which invlove a £100 car/shed driven 2000 miles to some far off country. Has anyone done it? Does anyone fancy doing it? I really want to do one one day in a 124 estate. Maybe we could have a forum sponsored car?
  16. C

    Anyone here from South Africa ?

  17. M

    comand 2.0 (dx)- South Africa

    Does anyone know where I could purchase a comand navigation disk that covers south Africa. I am moving there soon and taking my car (ML430) and would like to get the navigation working. I have looked at the teleatlas website amd searched the internet to no avail. Any help appreciated...
  18. shearder

    South Africa - Aftermarket Mods / Addons

    Anyone know of decent (hard to find in SA) aftermarket part sellers in South Africa? Particularly Gauteng Area? Now that the comand is available for the C class I am thinking of adding it.
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