1. AnimMerc

    African solar/Electric vehicles.

    Kantanka Album: showing Kantanka cars, aircrafts, machines and others ? All made in Ghana by Apostle Dr Safo ? Star of Africa ? Africa Redemption Magazine Kiira Motors Corporation ? Kiira Motors Corporation Kayoola Solar Bus Flag off (15th May 2016) ? Kiira Motors Corporation
  2. I

    Very Nice S African 123 for sale in Portugal

    A handsome fellow, indeed! RHD, 100k miles. 240d, 4 cylinder, a long while in getting there, but will stay at 75/80 all day on the flat for about 500k miles. What's it worth here? £3,000? Cheers, Paul
  3. flango

    Genuine South African Auto Trader Advert

  4. Sorry Pete

    W124 security: Still being stolen for the African market?

    A few years ago, as was highlighted in the MB Club Gazette and through the Met Police's press people these cars were a prime target for theives to be transported whole/broken for the African market. At least one London borough issued a general warning to owners of these models to take extra...
  5. pjs

    South African

    Shows I know not a lot about mercs, just found a 'made in South Africa' sticker on drivers door pillar... Whats the score? its first reg in July 2004.
  6. IMD

    Lowering advice for my African Spec w124 saloon

    Hi all, I've just purchased a 1990 w124 230e saloon. It was originally supplied to a Liberian dealership and as such, has African spec hardened springs. This makes the car look a little 'dune' buggy like. Great for pot holes, but a little too high aesthetically and probably not great for...
  7. se97mlm

    South African Factory

    Anyone have any idea which MB models are/were produced in the South African factory? I heard a rumour about all new C class W203's in RHD were, any others?
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