1. PoleDriver

    Good afternoon from a newbie!

    Hi! I've just bought a 2006 R320CDi. My first foray into the MB world! :) I got it for a reasonable price as there were obviously a few issues with bodywork (being sorted) but I do have a couple of small queries. The aircon controls... The driver's side one works fine, the red LED circle...
  2. W

    S210 Bump this afternoon - ouch

    Text message this afternoon from SWMBO: "On the drive outside the house, wet foot slipped off brake, car crashed into house.........." Upon my return home, I found that the NSF corner had hit the corner of the porch, whilst the wheels were on a righthand lock. The wing is badly scraped...
  3. Meldrew2

    Southport & West Lancs afternoon run & Curry. 25 September.

    Is anyone interested? Thinking of meeting around lunchtime in a location close to the M6 or M58. Either meeting about 12 for Sunday Lunch or around 1pm if joining after the meal. A run around West Lancashire (some nice country roads) with a coffee stop or two, finishing at "Shamraat"...
  4. tromppost

    I have been invited out for the afternoon

    I have been invited out for the afternoon next week, we are meeting at 12.30 till 14.30 and I am not sure if I need to bring lunch and a good book to read or do they provide entertainment for me while I am on my "driver awareness course". I thought that for £95 and 4 hours of my time I might...
  5. E

    Afternoon Everyone

    Hello, Just joined but I'm a reasonably long term MB owner. Had G Wagen's for maybe 10 or 12 years along with a W124 for quite while (wish I'd kept it!). We've had our current G Wagen for maybe 8 years. I've replaced the dead 603 with a 606, it's no show car but is well maintained and...
  6. M

    Bit of Tunnel Fun this Afternoon...

    This video is brought to you by AMG and FI exhausts
  7. S

    Afternoon all

    Well, ive been driving a CLS 320 for a while now but unfortunately its being taken away by its actual owner. However, ive now been completely converted to the world of MB and am here to learn about the cars and get some ideas of whats out there. Very tempted to stick with a CLS but go with...
  8. ringway

    Radio 4 Afternoon Drama. The Man in the Lift.

    I like this. :thumb: LINK.
  9. D

    Test drove an ML 63 this afternoon...

    Hmmm.... A bit underwhelmed if I'm being honest, the motor was a very cared for example but I'd forgot how much you've got to work the engine to get a shift on... And the 4matic wasn't very dramatic (rhyme intended) Seperate to that; what a noise though!
  10. 230K

    Accident this afternoon

    Hi Looking some advice. The wife's 124 took a bit of a knock this afternoon. No fault of hers she was knocked unconscious for a period and thankfully seems ok now if a little shaken. The offending fiesta admitted responsibility to the police and has informed his insurance etc. His accident...
  11. D

    Afternoon in Hammersmith

    I have an afternoon, and evening, to myself in Hammersmith next week and could do with some insider knowledge. At a loose end between around 12 midday and 4pm when I'll meet up with the Mrs and will need somewhere for drinks then dinner. Any ideas other than spending the afternoon in a pub?
  12. DSM10000

    Sharing a Sunday afternoon drive

    As the weather here has been so good today with temperatures of 22 degrees C and blue skies it was decided to take the MX5 out and have a spot of lunch on the way! The route I chose was around 55 miles from home and back and took us through 3 counties (Wiltshire/ Dorset /Hampshire and back...
  13. 6

    Malicious damage - bizarre incident this afternoon

    Wife came back from shopping, Noticed driver's side wiper was off the screen. She thought someone had stolen or attempted to steal the wipers. Car had been parked in a leafy Surrey residential road. I took a look and found the wiper arm had been bent back. On closer inspection I saw there was a...
  14. X

    Afternoon all :-)

    Hi gents and ladies, Just after a little advice. I am looking to buy another 4 seat convertible. The CLK is on the shortlist and id really appreciate your thoughts, comments etc on the car itself, real life running costs, issues etc. Ive been browsing the forums and this really is the best...
  15. ringway

    Radio 4. Afternoon Drama.

    The afternoon drama (formerly the afternoon play) on BBC Radio 4, often makes for good listening (not when driving!) GF Newman's "The Corrupted." A new long-running drama series from G F Newman based on the characters from the multi-award winning writer's best-selling crime novel...
  16. L

    Good Afternoon

    Smashing site you have here guys!! I am a recent visitor to the MB brand and have to say why the hell has it taken me so long!! My 'weekend' car is a 2000 'W' CLK 320 Avantgarde in Odsidian Black, one owner from new, full MBSH, to say the car has been cherished is an understatement. I look...
  17. D

    The Wednesday Afternoon Windscreen Price Guessing Game

    I got a chip in the windscreen of the RR Sport without noticing and after my wife has driven over a speed hump at 60mph, it turned to an unrepairable crack. The windscreen is heated (little wires running through the screen) and my car has auto lights and wiper sensors. My insurance policy...
  18. G

    Afternoon from Northampton

    Hi everyone, Im Greg from Duston in Northampton. I currently drive a 2011 Seat Ibiza TDI Sport but looking to change cars for an older one to free up some money to do some niggly bits on my house. I came across a 2003/2004 CLK270 CDI and was looking for more information about them so i...
  19. P

    Dog day afternoon

    BBC News - Driving school for dogs in New Zealand P.
  20. Doodle

    Unlucky R107 on Heyford Hill roundabout this afternoon

    It would appear the nearside rear wheel had decided to make a bid for freedom, leaving it to continue for a good few yards on the brake disc (and quite possibly the lower body :doh:) Not a pretty sight.
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