1. toolman1954

    Rip peter sarstedt age 75

    Singer-songwriter Peter Sarstedt dies aged 75 - BBC News Only last week there was a music program on BBC4 and he played "Where do you go to my lovely " and at the time I thought how old is he now.? A visit to his website showed he was suffering from some debilitating illness and could no...
  2. D

    Without revealing your actual age...

    Time for a bit of good old nostalgia so... Without revealing your actual age, what something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldn't understand?
  3. french

    Middle age-------

    At what age is past middle age...& just plain OLD ?:rolleyes:
  4. grober

    For all gentlemen of a certain age

    Kristen Stewart, The Rolling Stones cover of Ride em on Down and an Old Mustang in the Los Angeles storm drains--- Vintage !!! [YOUTUBE HD]qEuV82GqQnE[/YOUTUBE HD]
  5. bob6600

    At what age did you learn to drive?

    When I was 16, I couldn't wait to learn to drive. Applied for my provisional license and had my first lesson on my 17th birthday, passing in around 6 months with 1 lesson a week. When did you have your first lesson? Are kids of today just as eager to learn and have a lesson on their 17th...
  6. markjay

    If you are my age, and on occasion need to repair an iPhone, or build an Airfix kit..

    ...then you could do worse than try this:
  7. N

    W124 M103 idle shake. Age vs Mileage

    I daily drive a 1987 300ce with just over 40k miles. Since I bought it a year ago, it's had a slight shake at idle when in drive or reverse. The revs do not fluctuate, but every second or two you get a slight shake from the engine that's felt through the body. The car also jolts when shifting...
  8. Palfrem

    No warranty implied or given due to age of car

    MERCEDES W124 E320 COUPE AUTOMATIC | eBay Nice enough car, but the bit at the bottom where he says "no warranty intended or implied due to age " is intriguing given the recent regulation change in consumer law. Even before that surely 3 months warranty would have been a minimum?
  9. W140s500

    1994 S500L W140 Immobiliser bypass ( sorry to ask a age old question )

    Hello and thank you to anyone who reads this and may be able to point me in the right direction. I have a late 1994 S500 ( UK car ) with the 1 button keyfob ( only one working ) which as it gets older, worries me more about future electrical headaches. I realise I should when I recommission the...
  10. S

    Mileage vs age

    Hi, I am currently looking at 2 cars the first is a Dec 59 plate one elderly gent owner from new with 37 k and full main dealer history, the car is in great condition in fact it looks like new. cost £14750 Car two is a Sept 61 plate facelift (on above model )2 owners from new 88k mostly...
  11. Somebody

    W115 Unknown age?!?

    Hey everybody. I remember I used to be on this forum quiet a lot a while ago when I was messing with 126s and everybody seemed friendly and knowledgeable so I figured I would try you guys with this question. I wasn't sure which section to post it in so I figured General is probably as...
  12. T

    The age old ipod question?

    Morning chaps. Been a while since i last posted, infact i forgot my old log on details.... So im back to a newbie!! Lol I have had a good search through the forum but i cant find 100% clarification to my question, and my local Mercedes dealership isnt being particularly helpful. I...
  13. Reggie-rock

    Shift workers age faster.

    According to new research the brain ages an extra 6 years every 10 year period of night shift working. So as I have been working nights now for 17 years now my brain is the same age of a 70 year old although I am only 59, and as I intend to work until I am 70 my poor old brain box will think it...
  14. K

    Age appropriate cars

    Hmmm.. think may be I should get myself a XR3i, i am still young at heart :D Age appropriate cars -
  15. tali

    Average age of car owners

    I think some of the old fogeys here can relax:D
  16. Whitey

    Recent models age well ?

    Guys Father has been looking at new cars - initially Audi/BMW/Volvo We have looked at and dismissed value for money cars like Kia/Toyota/Hyundai/usual suspects - as this car will be a 'treat' rather than necessity. Ford didn't even cross his radar ! Today had a look at the new SEAT Leon...
  17. S

    age of tyres

    Hi recently bought a 85 w123 and the tyres have no date stamps (goodyears made in new zealand) car has done 500 miles /yr for 10+YEARS, is it dangerous running round on these tyres plenty of tread and look ok, drives sweet no pulling, hold pressure, your comments please
  18. grober

    Ice age giants

    Beeb 2 giant carnivores and Alice Roberts :bannana::bannana: :bannana: Sunday 19th May BBC at 8 o'clock this Sunday BBC Two - Ice Age Giants, Land of the Sabre-tooth, Predator by design

    The golden age of the british sports car.

    As stated...BBC4 at 2100hrs. Magnificent Machines.

    BBC4 10PM The Golden age of the British sports car

    As the title....Magnificent Machines.
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