1. D

    Selling a Car does anyone know any agencies / agent ?

    Hi Folks As you may have seen before i have been trying to sell my E Class, does anyone know or is a car buyer who might be interested in my car ? I am wanting to sell because i am getting a company car and need to get rid of this one. Thanks in advance David
  2. Tan

    Nanny agencies

    Hi My Wife and I are looking for a Nanny to help us look after our son. Can anyone recommend a good agency. Plus any other advice on Nannies would be much appreciated. Many thanks Tan
  3. K

    What do you think of UK Online Travel Agencies ?

    Today I had the most horrible phone ever. I always talk calm on the phone and rarely I raise my voice to anyone. Back in december I was looking at 2010 Summer Holidays and said to myself: i'll take my family in the summer someplace warm. Looked at some online travel agencies and decided to...
  4. Spinal

    Recruitment Agencies

    I'm considering my career paths at the moment, and amongst those I'm considering contacting a recruitment agency... What are your views on these? The way I see it, as they charge 10-20% of your salary, this would mean they have your salary in mind when placing you... But I've never used...
  5. S

    Recommended IT recruitment agencies?

    I think there is going to be another round of redundancies at my workplace and I will be among the casualties this time round. It's been a long time (probably 10 years) since I have written a cv, I definitely need some help in polishing and updating my cv. Any suggestion as to where I may find...
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