1. N

    Agency power exhaust

    Hi, Do you know agency power on exhaust? I am planning you buy a catback from them.
  2. developer

    Anyone From Highways Agency On Here?

    7.00am M42 Clear road, bright sunny Sunday morning... So why would there be mile after mile of "managed" motorway 60mph gantry signs :dk::devil:. If you tell me it's something sensible, perhaps sign testing or the like, then ok, but if not, then why - it's very frustrating :mad...
  3. developer

    UK Border Agency Gets Tough

    Tenant goes for (usual) monthy visit to UKBA office in Solihull, having applied for asylum. One hour to make calls to solicitor and landlord. Not allowed to return to property to collect anything. Moved to (as yet) unknown deportation centre for 24 hrs max. Deported tomorrow. Gone.
  4. R

    london domestic cleaning agency recommendations?

    Hi Can anyone recommend a decent cleaning agency in london? A friend has recently moved in and it will solve potential cleaning arguments. They'll be cleaning when.we're out of the house so trust and insurance are high on the agenda as they'll have my keys. Recommendations would be...
  5. I

    International Customer Care / Agency Control Needed

    Dear All, I have recently purchased a C350 from the local Mercedes-Benz dealer in Abu Dhabi City in the United Arab Emirates. The local dealer is called "Emirates Motor Company", and this dealer is the official and approved Mercedes-Benz dealer for the capital Abu Dhabi. I have bought the C350...
  6. robert.saunders

    Highways Agency says goodbye to 'yellow army' with new fleet of 438 winter vehicles

    In response to this thread, this may be of interest. Drivers will see a new style of winter treatment on England's motorways and major A roads from this Autumn, as the Highways Agency replaces its yellow 'gritters' and invests £45 million in a new fleet to tackle snow and ice. Pre-wet salt...
  7. D

    Highways Agency

    Where do they get the staff? Coming down the A1 today towards the M1 there were multiple warning signs sayig M1 closed J30 to J29. The signs then suggested an alternative diversion of A1 and M62, which would divert them back to the M1, but still way before the actual closure. The amount of...
  8. Rumble

    Any legal eagles about? Recruitment agency not paying up!

    Hello all, Was wondering if anyone could advise on the following problem. My wife was working on a temporary job as an occupational therapist through a recruitment agency (she was working as an employee of a limited company, which invoices the recruitment agency that then charges the...
  9. Satch

    Highways Agency Traffic forecaster

    I have my doubts about this but all the same of some use, especially the current conditions bit. Moderately entertaining if a bit depressing to watch the hour by animation and see how the West Country chokes up at peak periods.
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